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Olive, Peanut And Corn Oil65% Linoleic Sunflower Oil80% Diglycerides ENOVA Cooking and Salad OilAll Purpose Salad or Cooking Industrial and Retail Corn OilAlmond OilApricot Kernel OilAvocado OilBabassu OilBoiled and Drained Frozen OkraBoiled and Drained Frozen OnionsBoiled and Drained OkraBoiled and Drained Okra with SaltBoiled and Drained OnionsBoiled and Drained Onions with SaltBoiled Chopped Frozen OnionsBoiled Chopped Frozen Onions, drained with SaltBoiled Frozen Okra, drained with SaltBoiled Frozen Onions, drained with SaltCanned Small Ripe OlivesCanned Onions Solids and LiquidsCanned Pickled Green OlivesCanned Ripe Jumbo OlivesCanola OilChilled Orange Juice from ConcentrateChilled Orange Juice from Concentrate with CalciumCocoa Butter OilCoconut OilCold Pressed Flaxseed OilCooked Oat BranCorn And Canola OilCupu Assu OilDry Onions FlakesFlaxseed Oil with added sliced flaxseedFrozen Chopped Onions, UnpreparedFrozen Okra, UnpreparedFrozen Orange Juice ConcentrateFrozen Orange Juice Concentrate with CalciumFrozen Par Fried Breaded Onion Rings, UnpreparedFrozen Whole Onions, UnpreparedGrapeseed OilHazelnut OilHigh Oleic (70% and Over) Sunflower OilHigh Oleic (70%) Non Trans, High Stability Natreon Canola Vegetable OilHigh Oleic Salad or Cooking Safflower OilIndustrial Canola Oil for salads, woks and light fryingIndustrial Canola Oil with Antifoaming Agent Principal Uses Salads, Woks and Light FryingIndustrial Coconut Oil for Candy Coatings, Oil Sprays and Roasting NutsIndustrial High Oleic Canola OilIndustrial Mid-oleic Sunflower OilIndustrial Palm Kernel Confection Fat Oil Uses Similar To High Quality Cocoa ButterLinoleic (less Than 60%) Sunflower OilLinoleic Salad or Cooking Safflower OilLow Linolenic Industrial Soy OilMustard OilNutmeg Butter OilOat Bran BagelsOat Bran BreadOat Bran Reduced-calorie BreadOat MilkOat OilOatmeal BreadOatmeal Reduced-calorie BreadOatsOil Roasted AlmondsOil Roasted Almonds with SaltOil Roasted Cashew NutsOil Roasted Cashew Nuts with SaltOil Roasted Mixed Nuts no Salt and PeanutsOil Roasted PecansOil Roasted Pecans with SaltOil Roasted Sunflower Seed KernelsOil Roasted Sunflower Seed Kernels with SaltOil, pam cooking spray, originalOil-Roasted Peanuts no SaltOil-roasted Peanuts with SaltOil-roasted Spanish PeanutsOil-roasted Spanish Peanuts with SaltOil-roasted Valencia PeanutsOil-roasted Valencia Peanuts with SaltOil-roasted Virginia PeanutsOil-roasted Virginia Peanuts with SaltOkaraOnion Powder SpicesOnion rings, breaded, par fried, frozen, prepared, heated in ovenOrange CarbonatedOrange Mango FUZE, Fortified With Vitamins A, C, E, B6Orange Pineapple V8 SPLASH Juice DrinksOrange Pineapple Juice BlendOrange-grapefruit juice, canned or bottled, unsweetenedOrchard Blend V8 SPLASH Juice DrinksOriginal Dry Chili Seasoning MixOriginal Dry Taco Seasoning MixOven Heated Home-prepared Frozen French Fried Potatoes with SaltOven-heated Frozen Cottage-cut French Fried PotatoesOven-heated Frozen Crinkle or Regular Cut French Fried Potatoes with SaltOven-heated Frozen French Fried PotatoesOven-heated Frozen Potato PuffsOven-heated Frozen Shoestring French Fried Potatoes with SaltPalm OilPartially Debranned Oat FlourPoppyseed OilRaw Florida OrangesRaw Navel OrangesRaw Oat BranRaw OheloberriesRaw OkraRaw OnionsRaw Orange juiceRaw Orange PeelRaw OrangesRaw Oranges with Peel Raw Spring Or Scallions OnionsRaw Sweet OnionsRaw Valencia OrangesRaw Welsh OnionsRefined Industrial Soy Oil For Woks and Light FryingRefined Soybean Vegetable OilRice Bran OilSalad or Cooking Cottonseed OilSalad or Cooking Olive OilSalad or Cooking Peanut OilSalad or Cooking Sesame OilSalad or Cooking Soybean OilSauteed Yellow OnionsSheanut OilSoybean LecithinTeaseed OilTomatoseed OilUcuhuba Butter OilUltra Low Linolenic Industrial Soy OilUnsweetened Canned Orange JuiceWalnut OilWheat Germ OilYoung Green Onions, tops only