Canned ButterburButterbur, canned120.520.441.5NANA0NANANA389
Pectin, liquidPectin, liquid43.7008.3308.330000385
Peeled CucumberRaw Peeled Cucumber39.70.642.348.575.482.7800.310.040.04384
Boiled ButterburBoiled and Drained Butterbur31.80.0790.918.57NANA0NANANA384
Cooked Napa CabbageCabbage, napa, cooked47.60.674.378.85NANA0NANANA382
Canned Sprouted Mung BeansCanned Sprouted Mung Beans, Solids47.60.245.568.52.783.1800.0640.0240.06381
WaxgourdRaw Waxgourd51.60.791.612NA11.500.064NA0.35381
Boiled WaxgourdBoiled and Drained Waxgourd55.60.791.6124.73.9700.06400.35381
Boiled Bamboo ShootsBoiled and Drained Bamboo Shoots47.60.876.077.62NA3.9700.20.060.33381
Taro ShootsRaw Taro Shoots43.70.363.659.2NANA00.0710.0440.1380
Frozen TurnipsFrozen Turnips, Unprepared63.50.644.1311.7NA7.1400.0670.250.075380
Iceberg LettuceRaw Iceberg Lettuce55.60.563.5711.87.84.7600.0710.210.083380
Red Leaf LettuceRaw Red Leaf Lettuce51.60.875.288.971.93.5700.110.320.13380
Butterhead LettuceRaw Butterhead Lettuce51.60.875.368.853.734.3700.120.330.13380
Boiled Chinese CabbageBoiled and Drained Chinese Cabbage47.60.646.
White Gourd-flowered Raw White Gourd-flowered 55.60.0792.4613.5NA200.008NA0.036379
CeleryRaw Celery55.60.672.7411.85.36.3500.1700.31379

Macronutrients in Top 100 Vegan Food with the highest Water content per 14 oz

In the above table you can find and compare the amount of macronutrients in all vegan food , sorted by most amount of Water per 14 ounces.

Top 5 vegan food with most amount of water per 14 ounces are:

  1. CALISTOGA Non-carbonated Bottled Water
  2. CRYSTAL GEYSER Non-carbonated Bottled Water
  3. POLAND SPRING Bottled Water
  4. Water, bottled, non-carbonated, NAYA
  5. DANNON Non-carbonated Bottled Water