Coconut OilOil, coconut8920991000008250.19170.3
Babassu OilOil, babassu88401000000008120160
Dried CoconutDried Coconut Meat660064568.823773.5163057207.0630
Cupu Assu OilOil, cupu assu88401000000005320380
Palm OilOil, palm88401000000004932910
Sheanut OilOil, sheanut88401000000004663490
Dried PilinutsNuts, pilinuts, dried719079610839.8NANA0312NA7627.7
CoconutRaw Coconut Meat354033533.315262.390029703.66470
Candies, carob, unsweetenedCandies, carob, unsweetened540031481.556334138102900.312.6415.4
Snacks, banana chipsSnacks, banana chips5190336235843537702900.16.243
Ground NutmegGround Nutmeg Spices525036358.449330208025903.562.3
Coconut MilkRaw Coconut Milk23002382355.433.422021102.6676
Teaseed OilOil, teaseed884010000000021172220
Rice Bran OilOil, rice bran8840100000000197163340
Tomatoseed OilOil, tomatoseed8840100000000197235080
Oat OilOil, oat8840100000000196183910
Wheat Germ OilOil, wheat germ8840100000000188695480
BrazilnutsDried Brazilnuts659067114311723.37501610.3624434.2
Poppyseed OilOil, poppyseed884010000000013506240
Macadamia NutsRaw Macadamia Nuts71807587913845.78601212.061313.6
Mustard OilOil, mustard8840100000NA0NA116591530
Avocado OilOil, avocado8840100000NA0NA1169.571250
Peanut SpreadLow Sugar Peanut Spread650054924814263.57801020.9116219.3
Cashew ButterPlain Cashew Butter no Salt5870494176276NA200981.781.729.6
Grapeseed OilOil, grapeseed88401000000009616960

Macronutrients in Top 100 Vegan Food with the highest Saturated Fat content per 1 kg

In the above table you can find and compare the amount of macronutrients in all vegan food , sorted by most amount of Saturated Fat per 1 kilogram.

Top 5 vegan food with most amount of saturated fat per 1 kilogram are:

  1. Nutmeg Butter Oil
  2. Industrial Palm Kernel Confection Fat Oil Uses Similar To High Quality Cocoa Butter
  3. Industrial Coconut Oil for Candy Coatings, Oil Sprays and Roasting Nuts
  4. Ucuhuba Butter Oil
  5. Coconut Oil