Coconut OilOil, coconut1264140000001170.032.40.04
Babassu OilOil, babassu12531420000011502.270
Cocoa Butter OilOil, cocoa butter12531420000084.60.143.970
Dried CoconutDried Coconut Meat936919.7533.51023081014.25
Cupu Assu OilOil, cupu assu1253142000007505.40
Palm OilOil, palm125314200000700.28130
Sheanut OilOil, sheanut125314200000660.436.950
Dried PilinutsNuts, pilinuts, dried1019113155.64NANA044NA10.83.93
CoconutRaw Coconut Meat502474.7221.68.8312.804200.5266.6
Snacks, banana chipsSnacks, banana chips73647.63.2682.850110410.010.886.1
Ground NutmegGround Nutmeg Spices744518.28704.2429036.800.58.83
Coconut MilkRaw Coconut Milk32633.83.257.854.733.103000.3796
Teaseed OilOil, teaseed125314200000300.99310
Candies, sweet chocolateCandies, sweet chocolate719485.5385.6737.80280.041.360.71
Rice Bran OilOil, rice bran125314200000282.27470
Tomatoseed OilOil, tomatoseed125314200000283.26720
Oat OilOil, oat125314200000282.54550
Wheat Germ OilOil, wheat germ12531420000026.69.877.70
BrazilnutsDried Brazilnuts934952016.63.310.60230.0534.54.85
Poppyseed OilOil, poppyseed125314200000190880
Macadamia NutsRaw Macadamia Nuts10181071119.66.48120170.291.841.93
Mustard OilOil, mustard125314200NA0NA168.3621.70
Avocado OilOil, avocado125314200NA0NA161.3617.80
Peanut SpreadLow Sugar Peanut Spread9217835209110140.13232.74
Cashew ButterPlain Cashew Butter no Salt832702539NA2.830140.2411.64.2
Grapeseed OilOil, grapeseed12531420000013.60.14990

Macronutrients in Top 100 Vegan Food with the highest Saturated Fat content per 5 oz

In the above table you can find and compare the amount of macronutrients in all vegan food , sorted by most amount of Saturated Fat per 5 ounces.

Top 5 vegan food with most amount of saturated fat per 5 ounces are:

  1. Nutmeg Butter Oil
  2. Industrial Palm Kernel Confection Fat Oil Uses Similar To High Quality Cocoa Butter
  3. Industrial Coconut Oil for Candy Coatings, Oil Sprays and Roasting Nuts
  4. Ucuhuba Butter Oil
  5. Coconut Oil