HummusHome Prepared Hummus00.130.0740.570.5783.601101.064.25
Pinto BeansRaw Pinto Beans010.31.660.6774408.9300.37.94
SoybeansRaw Soybeans1.
Great Northern BeansRaw Great Northern Beans00.930.342.770.6368307.500.318.5
Mung BeansRaw Mung Beans8.50.880.333.20.5488606.800.7212.8
French BeansRaw French Beans00.760.312.950.5756606.520NANA
Soy NutsDry-roasted Soybeans00.611.071.50.3229106.520NA52.4
Kidney BeansRaw All Types Kidney Beans00.750.312.90.5655806.3800.3127
Red Kidney BeansRaw Red Kidney Beans00.860.330.5655806.3800.37.94
LentilsRaw Lentils2.831.
Chickpeas Raw Chickpeas 4.250.680.32.20.7679005.6701.1612.8
MothbeansRaw Mothbeans2.830.80.133.970.5292005.670NANA
Canned Baked BeansCanned Baked Beans no Salt7.10.210.0850.610.183404.400.211.13
Canned CowpeasCanned Common CowpeasNA0.
Tofu YogurtTofu yogurt2.830.0850.0280.340.0288.503.5400.444.96
Split Green PeasRaw Split Green Peas9.9210.355.10.221.302.5500.1722.5
Red LentilsRaw Pink Or Red Lentils4.250.720.152.10.5728902.40NANA
Boiled SoybeansBoiled Soybeans no Salt00.220.40.570.3376.502.400.527.2
Chocolate SoymilkUnfortified Chocolate Soymilk00.0310.370.730.1115.60.992.400.0144.25
FalafelHome prepared Falafel1.
Common CowpeasRaw Common Cowpeas4.251.20.322.940.5189702.1300.557.1
Broadbeans Raw Broadbeans 4.250.790.4740.526000200.07112.8
Canned Kidney BeansCanned All Types Kidney BeansNA0.160.0720.580.15101.700.0285.8
Boiled Kidney BeansBoiled All Types Kidney Beans00.230.0820.820.1718401.700.04312
Carob flourCarob flour1.40.0750.652.70.524100.2800.890
FuyuSalted and Fermented Tofu00.220.140.540.134100.280NANA
Canned Pinto BeansCanned Pinto Beans, SolidsNA0.0740.0270.39NA3400.140NANA
Canned Chickpeas Canned Chickpeas , Solids1.40.0380.0210.20.166800.1400.414.8

Vitamins in Top 80 Legumes with the highest Vitamin C content per 5 oz

In the above table you can find and compare the amount of vitamins in all legumes , sorted by most amount of Vitamin C per 5 ounces.

Top 5 legumes with most amount of vitamin c per 5 ounces are:

  1. SILK Banana-Strawberry soy yogurt
  2. SILK Black Cherry soy yogurt
  3. SILK Blueberry soy yogurt
  4. SILK Key Lime soy yogurt
  5. SILK Peach soy yogurt