Chili PowderChili Powder Spices21020.351.3316.42.9739.700.99054150
Red or Cayenne PepperRed or Cayenne Pepper Spice29500.461.312.33.471500108042.3114
PaprikaPaprika Spice34910.471.7414.33.0369.501.28041.2114
Curry PowderCurry Powder Spice1.
Dried Oregano SpicesSpices, oregano, dried1200.250.756.581.4833603.26026881
Dried Basil SpicesSpices, basil, dried52.
Dried Parsley SpicesSpices, parsley, dried1370.283.38141.282550177012.71927
Ground ClovesGround Cloves Spices11.30.220.312.20.5535.400.28012.5201
Ground SageGround Sage Spices4181.070.488.13.8388046010.62430
Dried Thyme SpicesSpices, thyme, dried2690.730.5770.78388071010.62430
Ground Mustard SeedGround Mustard Seed Spices2.831.140.376.70.5623001007.27.65
Ground TurmericGround Turmeric Spice00.0820.211.90.1528.300.9906.2819
Cumin SeedCumin Seed Spices910.890.466.50.621401104.727.65
Caraway SeedCaraway Seed Spices25.50.540.545.10.5114029.803.540
Ground CinnamonGround Cinnamon Spices21.30.0310.0581.90.228.505.403.344.2
Pumpkin Pie SpiceSpices, pumpkin pie spice18.
Poppy SeedPoppy Seed Spices01.
Dried Marjoram SpicesSpices, marjoram, dried5710.410.455.841.738807302.4881
Poultry Seasoning SpicesSpices, poultry seasoning1870.370.274.21.8719601701.871142
Celery SeedCelery Seed Spices4.250.480.414.341.2614024.201.50
Black PepperBlack Pepper Spices38.
Dried Coriander LeafDried Coriander Leaf Spices4151.772.13150.86388080301.461927
Canned CapersCapers, canned9.920.0260.20.920.03332.606.101.2535
BasilFresh Basil3740.0480.111.280.2296025.501.13588
Garlic PowderGarlic Powder Spices00.620.21.132.3466.601.700.950.57
Prepared Yellow MustardMustard, prepared, yellow7.10.250.0990.80.0999.9200.4300.512
Onion PowderOnion Powder Spices00.650.110.4619103300.385.8
Prepared HorseradishHorseradish, prepared00.0110.0340.550.180.8035.300.0141.84

Vitamins in Top 30 Spices with the highest Vitamin E content per 5 oz

In the above table you can find and compare the amount of vitamins in all spices , sorted by most amount of Vitamin E per 5 ounces.

Top 5 spices with most amount of vitamin e per 5 ounces are:

  1. Chili Powder Spices
  2. Red or Cayenne Pepper Spice
  3. Paprika Spice
  4. Curry Powder Spice
  5. Dried Oregano Spices