Yellow Canned HominyHominy, canned, yellowNA00.010.050.01000NANA1.4479
White Canned HominyHominy, canned, white000.010.050.0100.4200.070.281.4371
Chow MeinChow Mein Chinese Noodles00.120.0810.010000.181.1326.5184
Dry Rice NoodlesRice noodles, dry00.0100.0600000.0300.8250
Cooked Rice NoodlesRice noodles, cooked00.0200.070.010000.0300.9317.6
Cooked Spinach SpaghettiSpaghetti, spinach, cooked6.
Spinach Spaghetti Dry Spinach Spaghetti
CornmealWhole-grain Yellow Cornmeal3.040.110.0610.080000.
CornYellow Corn Grain
Wheat SproutsSprouted Wheat00.110.081.560.1301.30NANA198.1
Cooked TeffTeff, cooked00.
Cooked KamutCooked Khorasan WheatNA0.070.021.750.050NANA0.18NA8.336.06
Boiled BulgurCooked Bulgur00.
Cooked QuinoaQuinoa, cooked00.090.090.340.10000.530355.83
BulgurDry Bulgur00.
Oat FlourPartially Debranned Oat Flour00.170.030.360.030000.170.797.924.7
Cooked CouscousCouscous, cooked00.060.020.880.050000.120.09134.46
Boiled BuckwheatCooked Buckwheat Groats00.
Cooked SpeltSpelt, cooked00.
Hulled BarleyBarley, hulled0.
Wheat GermCrude Wheat Germ00.520.141.90.36000NANA783.33
Buckwheat FlourWhole-groat Buckwheat Flour00.120.061.840.170000.12.1163.3
TeffRaw Teff00.110.070.920.13NANANA0.020.52NA3.27
Roasted BuckwheatRoasted Buckwheat Groats00.
Corn BranCrude Corn Bran1.800.041.220.070000.
Barley Malt flourBarley malt flour0.
Cooked Wild RiceWild rice, cooked00.
Dry CouscousCouscous, dry00.040.020.930.03000NANA5.32.66
Raw Pearled BarleyBarley, pearled, raw0.
Cooked Oat BranOat bran, cooked00.40.090.360.06000NANA152.5
Pearled BarleyCooked Pearled Barley00.070.051.680.090000.010.65132.44
Raw SpeltUncooked Spelt00.
Brown Rice FlourRice flour, brownNA0.120.021.750.20000.17NA4.42.2
Wild RiceRaw Wild Rice0.
Whole Wheat PastaDry Whole-Wheat PastaNA0.120.062.470.080NA00.130.419.61.7
Cooked MilletMillet, cooked00.
Oat BranRaw Oat Bran00.480.090.380.070000.411.3211.63
Dry PastaDry Unenriched Pasta00.020.020.460.040000.030.034.851.6
Rice BranCrude Rice Bran00.870.0910.81.30001.560.6201.6
Whole Yellow Corn FlourWhole-grain Yellow Corn Flour3.
RiceRaw Regular Long-grain White Rice00.020.010.440.040000.
Long-grain Brown RiceRaw Long-grain Brown Rice00.150.031.770.130000.
Raw QuinoaQuinoa, uncooked0.
MilletRaw Millet00.
Barley flourBarley flour or meal00.
Brown RiceRaw Medium-grain Brown Rice00.
Raw AmaranthUncooked Amaranth Grain00.
Millet FlourMillet flourNA0.110.021.580.1NA0NA0.030.21111.05
Wheat BranCrude Wheat Bran00.
Whole Soft Wheat FlourSoft Wheat Whole Grain Flour00.
Whole Sorghum FlourWhole-grain Sorghum Flour00.
Dark Rye FlourRye flour, dark0.310.
SorghumSorghum Grain00.
Hard Red Spring WheatWheat, hard red spring00.150.031.740.10000.310.58130.61
RyeRye grain0.
Durum WheatWheat, durum00.120.0420.12000NANA12.70.59
Whole Wheat FlourWhole-grain Wheat Flour00.150.051.460.120000.210.56130.59
Soft White WheatWheat, soft white00.
Hard white WheatWheat, hard white00.
Medium Rye flourRye flour, medium00.080.030.490.080000.411.79.740.57
Light Rye FlourRye flour, light00.
Wheat FlourUnenriched All-purpose White Wheat Flour00.030.010.340.010000.
Enriched SemolinaSemolina, enriched00.230.161.660.030000.07NA510.28
SemolinaSemolina, unenriched00.080.020.920.03000NANA200.28

Vitamins in Top 100 Cereals with the highest Sodium content per 100 kcal

In the above table you can find and compare the amount of vitamins in all cereals , sorted by most amount of Sodium per 100 calories.

Top 5 cereals with most amount of sodium per 100 calories are:

  1. Dry Somen Japanese Noodles
  2. Yellow Canned Hominy
  3. White Canned Hominy
  4. Dry Soba Japanese Noodles
  5. Chow Mein Chinese Noodles