Brown Rice FlourRice flour, brownNA0.120.021.750.20000.17NA4.4
Barley Malt flourBarley malt flour0.
Buckwheat FlourWhole-groat Buckwheat Flour00.120.061.840.170000.12.116
Dark Rye FlourRye flour, dark0.310.
Whole Wheat FlourWhole-grain Wheat Flour00.150.051.460.120000.210.5613
Rice FlourUnenriched White Rice Flour00.040.010.710.120000.0301.1
Barley flourBarley flour or meal00.
Millet FlourMillet flourNA0.110.021.580.1NA0NA0.030.2111
Whole Sorghum FlourWhole-grain Sorghum Flour00.
CornmealWhole-grain Yellow Cornmeal3.040.110.0610.080000.120.086.9
Medium Rye flourRye flour, medium00.080.030.490.080000.411.79.74
Light Rye FlourRye flour, light00.
Oat FlourPartially Debranned Oat Flour00.170.030.360.030000.170.797.92
Enriched SemolinaSemolina, enriched00.230.161.660.030000.07NA51
SemolinaSemolina, unenriched00.080.020.920.03000NANA20

Vitamins in Top 20 Ground Cereals with the highest Vitamin B6 content per 100 kcal

In the above table you can find and compare the amount of vitamins in ground cereals , sorted by most amount of Vitamin B6 per 100 calories.

Top 5 ground cereals with most amount of vitamin b6 per 100 calories are:

  1. Brown Rice Flour
  2. Barley malt flour
  3. Whole-groat Buckwheat Flour
  4. Dark Rye Flour
  5. Whole-grain Wheat Flour