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Privacy Policy

At, the privacy of our visitors is of extreme importance to us. This privacy policy document outlines what types of personal information is received and collected while you use our application.

Privacy Questions and Answers

This notice describes how Vegan Nutrition Tracker, or for short, collects and uses data about you.

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What is Vegan Nutrition Tracker? or Vegan Nutrition Tracker is an online nutrition tracker application open to the public.

Vegan Nutrition Tracker sets only its own privacy practices, not the privacy practices of partners that help us in providing this online service like hosting and analytics companies. You should ask for information about their privacy practices from them.

How does collect data about me? collects data about you:

Vegan Nutrition Tracker does not buy or otherwise receive data about you from data brokers.

What data does collect about me, and why? collects data about your visits to the website.

When you visit a page on, whether you have an account or not, the website uses cookies, server logs, and other methods to collect data about what pages you visit and when. uses data about how you use the website to: usually stores data about how you use the website in identifiable form for just a few weeks. In special circumstances, like extended investigations about technical attacks, may preserve log data longer, for analysis. Vegan Nutrition Tracker stores aggregate statistics about use of the website for as long as hosts the website, but those statistics don’t include data identifiable to you personally. collects account data.

Many features on Vegan Nutrition Tracker require an account. For example the nutrition tracker on require an account to save food lists as diaries, meal plans and recipes.

To sign up for an account, Vegan Nutrition Tracker requires your name, a user name, and an e-mail address. uses your account data to identify you on the website and to create pages specific to you, such as your profile page. uses your e-mail address to: stores your account data as long as your account remains open. collects data about your activity on the website. saves all the data you create in the app on the server so that you can access it from other devices. stores your posts and other activity as long as your account remains open. uses cookies.

HTTP cookies are small bits of data that websites, like, send to your computer when you visit. When you return to those websites, your computer sends the cookies on your computer back to the website.

Here are the cookies used by

Name Essential Expires Purpose
PHPSESSID Yes Session remembers your session ID
hGroup Yes 1 Month Remembers the selected RDA target group
customTargets Yes 1 year Remembers your custom RDA targets
tkn Yes 2 Months authentication token
uid Yes 2 Months remembers your user identifier

Third party Cookies:

Google Analytics, that might be used on some pages of, also use cookies from Google. Refer to Google’s page on Google Analytics cookies for the latest details.

Some pages that serve advertisements via Google, use cookies to serve ads based on a user's prior visits to or other websites. Google's use of advertising cookies enables it and its partners to serve ads to users based on their visit to our sites and/or other sites on the Internet.

You can use Google Sign-In to authenticate in this case the Google Sign-in library might create cookies required for authentication.

You can use Facebook Login for the Web, to authenticate in this case facebook SDK might create cookies required for authentication.

Your web browser can show you the cookies you have for any website and help you manage them.

How can I make choices about data collection?

Users may opt out of personalized advertising by visiting Ads Settings.

Most web browsers let you make choices about whether to accept cookies, for specific websites or more generally. has instructions for many different web browsers. and have more information specifically about cookies used for advertising. does not respond to the Do Not Track HTTP header.

Where does store data about me?

Data on is stored on dedicated servers hosted in data centers in European Union.

Does comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation? respects privacy rights under Regulation (EU) 2016/679, the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Information that GDPR requires to give can be found throughout this privacy notice. So can information about specific rights, like access, rectification, erasure, data portability, and objection to automated decision-making.

Does comply with the California Consumer Privacy Regulation? respects the rights of California residents under the California Consumer Privacy Regulation. does not sell your personal information within the meaning of that regulation. Other information that CCPA requires to give can be found throughout this privacy notice. So can information about specific rights, like requesting disclosure about information collects and requesting deletion of your data.

Where can I access data about me?

You can see your account data at any time by opening the user drop down menu on the website. There you have access to all your meal plans, recipes , food diaries and nutritional statistics.

The user drop down menu also includes a link to download all of your data in standard JSON format.

How can I change or erase data about me?

You can delete your account from the user menu. It will start a process of erasing all’s records related to your account. Website administrators can also erase accounts.

You may also edit, or erase your diary, meal plans and recipes individually. When you edit them, will keep only the last version versions of your data.

Does make automated decisions based on data about me? does not make automatic decisions based on data about you.

Does share data about me with others? shares account data with others as mentioned in the section about account data. does not sell or give information about you to other companies or services. However, does use services from other companies. The companies behind those services may collect data about you on their own, for their own purposes. Some of these services may be used to collect information about your online activities across different websites.

Service Description
Google Analytics Compiles visitor statistics. You can opt out of Google Analytics using a browser extension.
Google Adsense Collects data and use cookies for ad personalization and measurement.
Apple Push Notification Service Sends push notifications to users of the iOS app.
Google Cloud Messaging Sends push notifications to users of the Android app.

How can I contact about privacy?

You can send questions and complaints to:

Vegan Nutrition

For complaints under GDPR, European Union users may lodge complaints with their local data protection supervisory authorities.

How can I find out about changes?

This version of’s Privacy Policy took effect October 10, 2021. will post the next version at may change how it announces changes in future versions.

In the meantime, may update its contact information without announcing a change. Please refer to for the latest contact information at any time.