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The Plant Nutrients Database - Nutrients in Vegan Food

Discover the most nutrient dense foods.

Vegan Foods high in Vitamins:

Raw Fruits max Vitamin A per 100 kcal Roasted Nuts and Seeds high in Vitamin B1 Vegetables max Vitamin B2 per 100 kcal Boiled Vegan Food high in Vitamin B3 Baked Veggies max Vitamin B6 per 100 kcal Fruits & Veggies high in Vitamin C Nuts & Oils high in Vitamin E Spices & Veggies max Vitamin K per 100 kcal Cereals & Legumes high in Folate

Vegan Foods high in Minerals:

Raw Fruits, Nuts & Vegetables high in Calcium Roasted Nuts high in Copper Vegetables high in Iron per 100 kcal Veggies max Magnesium per 100 kcal Spices with max Manganese per 100 kcal Nuts & Seeds high in Phosphorus Vegetables max Potassium per 100 kcal Cereals & Nuts high in Selenium Raw Nuts & Spices high in Zinc

Vegan Foods sorted by Macro-nutrients:

Vegan Food high in Protein Fruits low in Carbs Fruits, Legumes & Vegetables high in Fiber Nuts & Seeds low in Fats Nuts & Seeds high in Omega 3 Oils low in Omega 6

Popular comparisons of Vegan Foods:

Oats vs Wheat Cooked Quinoa vs Cooked Buckwheat Blackberries vs Blueberries per 100 kcal Oranges vs Apples per 100 kcal Peanuts vs Walnuts Oranges vs Sweet Red Peppers Baked Sweet Potato vs Sweet Red Peppers Baked White Potato vs Broccoli