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Boiled and Drained Potherb JuteBoiled and Drained Potherb Jute with SaltDried Fresh Chinese JujubeJackfruit, canned, syrup packJams and preservesJams and preserves, apricotJams and preserves, no sugar (with sodium saccharin), any flavorJams, preserves, marmalade, reduced sugarJams, preserves, marmalades, sweetened with fruit juiceJelliesJellies, no sugar (with sodium saccharin), any flavorsJellies, reduced sugar, home preservedJuice, apple and grape blend, with added ascorbic acidJuice, apple, grape and pear blend, with added ascorbic acid and calciumRaw JackfruitRaw Java-plumRaw Jerusalem-artichokesRaw Jew's EarRaw JujubeRaw Potherb Jute