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Boiled and Drained Dandelion GreensBoiled and Drained Dandelion Greens with SaltBoiled and Drained DockBoiled and Drained Dock with SaltBoiled and Drained Drumstick LeavesBoiled and Drained Drumstick Leaves with SaltBoiled and Drained Drumstick PodsBoiled and Drained Drumstick Pods with SaltDANNON Non-carbonated Bottled WaterDark Chocolate, 70-85% Cacao SolidsDark Rye FlourDark Seedless RaisinsDecaffeinated Brewed Green TeaDecaffeinated Instant Coffee PowderDecaffeinated Prepared With Tap Water Brewed CoffeeDecaffeinated Ready To Drink Black TeaDefatted Peanut Flour Degermed yellow Corn flourDeglet Noor DatesDehydrated Bananas or Banana PowderDehydrated CarrotDehydrated Mashed Potatoes FlakesDesserts, apple crisp, prepared-from-recipeDiet Berry Blend V8 SPLASH Juice DrinksDiet Cran Cherry OCEAN SPRAYDiet Cranberry Juice OCEAN SPRAYDiet Fruit Medley V8 SPLASH Juice DrinksDiet Lemon Instant TeaDiet Lemon Ready-to-drink TeaDiet Ready-to-drink Green TeaDiet Strawberry Kiwi V8 SPLASH Juice DrinksDiet Tropical Blend V8 SPLASH Juice DrinksDill Pickled CucumberDill Seed SpicesDistilled VinegarDrained Boiled Frozen Green Snap Beans without Salt Drained Canned Carrots with SaltDrained Canned Maraschino CherriesDrained Canned Yellow Snap Beans without saltDrained Solids of Canned Green Snap Beans without Salt Dried AcornsDried Agar SeaweedDried Ancho PeppersDried Basil SpicesDried BeechnutsDried Black WalnutsDried BrazilnutsDried Breadnut Tree SeedsDried ButternutsDried Chervil SpicesDried Chia SeedsDried Chinese ChestnutsDried Cloud Ears FungiDried Coconut MeatDried Coriander Leaf SpicesDried Dill Weed SpicesDried European ChestnutsDried Fresh Chinese JujubeDried Ginkgo NutsDried Goji BerriesDried gourd stripsDried HickorynutsDried Hulled Sesame Seed KernelsDried Japanese ChestnutsDried Japanese PersimmonsDried LitchisDried LongansDried Lotus SeedsDried Marjoram SpicesDried Oregano SpicesDried Oriental RadishesDried Parsley SpicesDried Pasilla PeppersDried peeled European ChestnutsDried PepeaoDried PilinutsDried Pine NutsDried Pinyon Pine NutsDried Pumpkin And Squash Seed KernelsDried Rosemary SpicesDried Safflower Seed KernelsDried Shiitake MushroomsDried SpearmintDried Spirulina SeaweedDried Sunflower Seed KernelsDried Tarragon SpicesDried Thyme SpicesDried Watermelon Seed KernelsDried Whole Sesame SeedsDried Zante CurrantsDried-frozen TofuDrinking Tap WaterDry 51% whole wheat Pasta with Unenriched Semolina Dry BulgurDry Corn Gluten-free PastaDry CouscousDry Dessert WineDry Enriched PastaDry Enriched Vegetable MacaroniDry instant Long-grain White Rice, enrichedDry Mix Bread StuffingDry Mix Cornbread Bread Stuffing Dry Onions FlakesDry parboiled enriched Long-grain White RiceDry parboiled Long-grain White RiceDry Plain Fortified Instant OatsDry Quick Oats QUAKER CerealsDry Regular and Quick Oats CerealsDry Rice NoodlesDry Roasted AlmondsDry Roasted Almonds with SaltDry Roasted Cashew NutsDry Roasted Cashew Nuts with SaltDry Roasted Hazelnuts Or FilbertsDry Roasted Macadamia NutsDry Roasted Macadamia Nuts with SaltDry Roasted PecansDry Roasted Pecans with SaltDry Roasted Pistachio NutsDry Roasted Pistachio Nuts with SaltDry Roasted Sunflower Seed Kernels From Shell with SaltDry Roasted Sunflower Seed Kernels no SaltDry Roasted Sunflower Seed Kernels with SaltDry Roasted Walnuts with SaltDry Soba Japanese NoodlesDry Somen Japanese NoodlesDry soy beancurd sheetsDry Spinach Spaghetti Dry Tapioca PearlsDry Unenriched PastaDry Whole Grain Pasta, 51% Whole Wheat, Remaining Enriched SemolinaDry Whole-Wheat PastaDry-roasted Peanuts with SaltDry-roasted Peanuts, no saltDry-roasted SoybeansDurum WheatFresh Dill WeedMedjool DatesRaw Dandelion GreensRaw DockRaw Drumstick LeavesRaw Drumstick PodsRaw or Frozen Durian