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Raw Red Delicious Apples with skin Whiskey Sour53 Proof Coffee Liqueur63 Proof Coffee Liqueur72 Proof Creme De Menthe80 Proof Distilled Rum80 Proof Distilled Vodka86 Proof Distilled WhiskeyAdded Vitamin C With Low-calorie Sweetener Reduced Calorie Vegetable And Fruit Juice DrinkAll Flavors Except Macadamia Wheat-based Formulated no SaltAll Purpose Salad or Cooking Industrial and Retail Corn OilAll Table WineAlmond FlourAlmond OilAlmond pasteAlmondsAloe Vera Juice Drink Fortified With Vitamin CAMBER Hard CiderAMP Energy DrinkANCIENT HARVEST Cooked Gluten-free Pasta from Corn and Quinoa FlourAndrea's, Gluten Free Soft Dinner RollAnise Seed SpicesApples, canned, sweetened, sliced, drained, heatedApples, dehydrated (low moisture), sulfured, stewedApples, dried, sulfured, stewed, with added sugarApples, dried, sulfured, stewed, without added sugarApplesauce, canned with no added sugarApplesauce, canned, unsweetened, with added ascorbic acidApricot Kernel OilApricot nectar, canned, with added ascorbic acidApricots Canned in Heavy Syrup, DrainedApricots, canned, extra heavy syrup pack, without skin, solids and liquidsApricots, canned, extra light syrup pack, with skin, solids and liquids Apricots, canned, heavy syrup pack, with skin, solids and liquidsApricots, canned, heavy syrup pack, without skin, solids and liquidsApricots, canned, juice pack, with skin, solids and liquidsApricots, canned, light syrup pack, with skin, solids and liquidsApricots, canned, water pack, with skin, solids and liquidsApricots, canned, water pack, without skin, solids and liquidsApricots, dehydrated (low-moisture), sulfured, stewedApricots, dried, sulfured, stewed, with added sugarApricots, dried, sulfured, stewed, without added sugarArchway Home Style Cookies, Coconut MacaroonArchway Home Style Cookies, Frosty LemonArchway Home Style Cookies, Old Fashioned Windmill CookiesArchway Home Style Cookies, Reduced Fat Ginger SnapsArchway Home Style Cookies, Sugar Free OatmealARIZONA Lemon TeaArrowroot flourAs Served In Restaurant HorchataAssorted Flavors Calorie-free Powerade Zero Ion4Assorted Flavors Spray-style Salad DressingAssorted Fruit Flavors Sweetened Bottles Water With Added Vitamins And MineralsAvocado OilBarbera Red Table WineBoiled and Drained Amaranth LeavesBoiled and Drained Amaranth leaves with saltBoiled and Drained ArrowheadBoiled and Drained Arrowhead with SaltBoiled and Drained ArtichokesBoiled and Drained Artichokes with SaltBoiled and Drained AsparagusBoiled and Drained Asparagus with SaltBoiled and Drained Frozen ArtichokesBoiled and Drained Frozen AsparagusBoiled Frozen Artichokes, drained with SaltBoiled Frozen Asparagus, drained with SaltBoiled Raw Apples Without SkinBottled Apple JuiceBottled Apple Juice with Vitamin CBottled Apple Juice with Vitamin C, Calcium and PotassiumBUD LIGHT Light BeerBUDWEISER Regular BeerBUDWEISER SELECT Light BeerBurgundy Red Table WineCabernet Franc Red Table WineCabernet Sauvignon Red Table WineCanned DaiquiriCanned Pina ColadaCanned Whiskey SourCanned Asparagus SolidsCanned Asparagus Solids and LiquidsCanned Asparagus Solids and Liquids with SaltCanned Tequila SunriseCarignane Red Table WineChardonnay White Table WineChenin Blanc White Table WineClaret Red Table WineCooked Amaranth GrainCooking WineDry Dessert WineFrozen ApplesFrozen Apples, heatedFrozen Artichokes, UnpreparedFrozen Asparagus, UnpreparedFume Blanc White Table WineGamay Red Table WineGewurztraminer White Table WineHard Lemonade Malt BeerHigher Alcohol BeerHigher Alcohol Light BeerLate Harvest White Table WineLemberger Red Table WineLight BeerLight WineLow Carb Light BeerMerlot Red Table WineMicrowave cooked raw apples without skinMouvedre Red Table WineMuller Thurgau White Table WineMuscat White Table WinePetite Sirah Red Table WinePina ColadaPinot Blanc White Table WinePinot Gris White Table WinePinot Noir Red Table WinePrepared-from-recipe DaiquiriRaw AbiyuchRaw AcerolaRaw Acerola JuiceRaw Amaranth LeavesRaw Apples with skinRaw Apples without skinRaw ApricotsRaw ArrowheadRaw ArrowrootRaw ArtichokesRaw ArugulaRaw AsparagusRaw AvocadosRaw California AvocadosRaw Florida AvocadosRaw Fuji Apples with skinRaw Gala Apples with skinRaw Golden Delicious Apples with skinRaw Granny Smith Apples with skin Raw sprouted alfalfa seedsRaw Sulfured Dehydrated ApplesRaw Sulfured Dehydrated ApricotsRaw Sulfured Dried ApplesRaw Sulfured Dried ApricotsRed Table WineRegular BeerRice SakeRiesling White Table WineRose WineSangiovese Red Table WineSauvignon Blanc White Table WineSemillon White Table WineSweet Dessert WineSweetened Canned Applesauce no SaltSweetened Canned Applesauce with SaltSweetened Frozen ApricotsSyrah Red Table WineUncooked Amaranth GrainWhite Table WineZinfandel Red Table Wine