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Boiled and Drained Oriental RadishesBoiled and Drained Oriental Radishes with SaltBoiled and Drained RutabagasBoiled and Drained Rutabagas with SaltBrown Rice FlourCanned Refried BeansCanned Refried Beans, fat-freeChinese restaurant steamed white RiceCooked enriched Regular Long-grain White Rice with SaltCooked Glutinous White RiceCooked Long-grain Brown RiceCooked Medium-grain Brown RiceCooked Medium-grain White RiceCooked Medium-grain White Rice enrichedCooked parboiled enriched Long-grain White RiceCooked parboiled Long-grain White RiceCooked Regular Long-grain White RiceCooked Regular Long-grain White Rice enrichedCooked Regular Long-grain White Rice with SaltCooked Rice NoodlesCooked Short-grain White RiceCooked Short-grain White Rice enrichedCrude Rice BranDark Rye FlourDark Seedless RaisinsDried Oriental RadishesDry instant Long-grain White Rice, enrichedDry parboiled enriched Long-grain White RiceDry parboiled Long-grain White RiceDry Rice NoodlesEnriched Medium-grain White RiceEnriched Regular Long-grain White RiceFresh RosemaryGolden Seedless RaisinsLight Rye FlourMedium Rye flourPickled Hawaiian Style RadishesPrepared instant Long-grain White Rice, enrichedRambutan Canned in SyrupRaspberries Puree with SeedsRaspberries, canned, red, heavy syrup pack, solids and liquidsRaspberry Juice ConcentrateRaw AbiyuchRaw AcerolaRaw Acerola JuiceRaw Acorn Winter SquashRaw AcornsRaw Adzuki BeansRaw Agar SeaweedRaw All Types Kidney BeansRaw All Varieties Summer SquashRaw All Varieties Winter SquashRaw Amaranth LeavesRaw American Type GrapesRaw Apples with skinRaw Apples without skinRaw ApricotsRaw ArrowheadRaw ArrowrootRaw ArtichokesRaw ArugulaRaw Asian PearsRaw AsparagusRaw AvocadosRaw Baby CarrotsRaw Baby Zucchini SquashRaw Balsam-pear , Leafy TipsRaw Balsam-pear , PodsRaw Bamboo ShootsRaw Banana PepperRaw BananasRaw Bartlett PearsRaw Beet GreensRaw BeetsRaw Black BeansRaw Black Turtle BeansRaw BlackberriesRaw BlueberriesRaw BorageRaw Bosc PearsRaw BreadfruitRaw Breadfruit SeedsRaw Breadnut Tree SeedsRaw Broadbeans Raw BroccoliRaw Broccoli LeavesRaw Broccoli RaabRaw Broccoli StalksRaw Brown Mushrooms, Italian, Or CriminiRaw Brown Mushrooms, Italian, Or Crimini Exposed to UVRaw Brussels SproutsRaw Bulb FennelRaw Burdock RootRaw ButterburRaw Butterhead LettuceRaw Butternut Winter SquashRaw CabbageRaw California AvocadosRaw California Red Kidney BeansRaw Cantaloupe MelonsRaw CardoonRaw CarissaRaw CarrotsRaw Casaba MelonsRaw Cashew NutsRaw CassavaRaw Catjang CowpeasRaw CauliflowerRaw CeleriacRaw CeleryRaw CeltuceRaw Chanterelle MushroomsRaw CherimoyaRaw Chickpeas Raw Chicory GreensRaw Chicory RootsRaw Chinese CabbageRaw Chinese BroccoliRaw Chinese ChestnutsRaw Chinese Napa CabbageRaw Chinese WaterchestnutsRaw ChivesRaw Chrysanthemum LeavesRaw ClementinesRaw Coconut CreamRaw Coconut MeatRaw Coconut MilkRaw CollardsRaw Common CowpeasRaw Common GuavasRaw Coriander LeavesRaw CornsaladRaw Cos Or Romaine LettuceRaw CrabapplesRaw CranberriesRaw Cranberry BeansRaw Crookneck And Straightneck Summer SquashRaw Custard-appleRaw Dandelion GreensRaw Defatted Soy MealRaw Dehydrated PrunesRaw Dishcloth GourdRaw DockRaw Dried FigsRaw Dried PlumsRaw Drumstick LeavesRaw Drumstick PodsRaw Edible Podded PeasRaw EggplantRaw ElderberriesRaw EndiveRaw Enoki MushroomsRaw Enriched Short-grain White RiceRaw EpazoteRaw EppawRaw European Black CurrantsRaw European ChestnutsRaw Extra Sweet PineappleRaw FeijoaRaw Fiddlehead FernsRaw FigsRaw Fireweed LeavesRaw Firm Tofu Prepared with Calcium SulfateRaw Florida AvocadosRaw Florida OrangesRaw Flower Clusters BroccoliRaw French BeansRaw Freshly Harvest Common CabbageRaw Frozen RhubarbRaw Fruit ChayoteRaw Fuji Apples with skinRaw Full-fat Soy FlourRaw Gala Apples with skinRaw Garden CressRaw Garland ChrysanthemumRaw GarlicRaw Ginger RootRaw Ginkgo NutsRaw Golden Delicious Apples with skinRaw GooseberriesRaw Granny Smith Apples with skin Raw Grape LeavesRaw GrapefruitRaw Great Northern BeansRaw Green Anjou PearsRaw Green CauliflowerRaw Green Hot Chili PeppersRaw Green KiwifruitRaw Green Leaf LettuceRaw Green PeasRaw Green PlantainsRaw Green Snap BeansRaw Green SoybeansRaw Green Sweet PeppersRaw Green TomatoesRaw GroundcherriesRaw Hawaii Mountain YamRaw Hearts Of PalmRaw Honeydew MelonsRaw Hubbard Winter SquashRaw Hungarian PeppersRaw Hyacinth BeansRaw Hyacinth-Young beansRaw Iceberg LettuceRaw In Pod Fava BeansRaw Irishmoss SeaweedRaw JackfruitRaw Jalapeno PeppersRaw Japanese ChestnutsRaw Japanese PersimmonsRaw Java-plumRaw Jerusalem-artichokesRaw Jew's EarRaw JujubeRaw KaleRaw Kelp SeaweedRaw KohlrabiRaw KumquatsRaw LambsquartersRaw Large Lima BeansRaw Laver SeaweedRaw Leafy Tips CowpeasRaw LeeksRaw Lemon Grass Raw Lemon JuiceRaw Lemon PeelRaw Lemons Without PeelRaw LentilsRaw Lime JuiceRaw LimesRaw LitchisRaw Long-grain Brown RiceRaw LongansRaw LoquatsRaw Lotus RootRaw Lotus SeedsRaw LupinsRaw Macadamia NutsRaw Maitake MushroomsRaw Mamey SapoteRaw Mammy-appleRaw MangosRaw Medium-grain Brown RiceRaw Medium-grain White RiceRaw MilletRaw Morel MushroomsRaw MothbeansRaw MulberriesRaw Mung BeansRaw Mungo BeansRaw Muscadine GrapesRaw Mustard GreensRaw Mustard SpinachRaw Native PersimmonsRaw Navel OrangesRaw Navy BeansRaw NectarinesRaw New Zealand SpinachRaw NopalesRaw Oat BranRaw OheloberriesRaw OkraRaw OnionsRaw or Frozen DurianRaw Orange juiceRaw Orange PeelRaw Orange TomatoesRaw OrangesRaw Oranges with Peel Raw Oriental RadishesRaw Oyster MushroomsRaw PapayasRaw ParsnipsRaw Passion-fruit Juice, PurpleRaw Passion-fruit Juice, YellowRaw Passion-fruit, PurpleRaw PeanutsRaw Pearled BarleyRaw PearsRaw Peeled CucumberRaw Pigeon Peas Raw PineappleRaw Pink and Red GrapefruitRaw Pink BeansRaw Pink Grapefruit JuiceRaw Pink Or Red LentilsRaw Pinto BeansRaw Pistachio NutsRaw PitangaRaw PlumsRaw Pokeberry ShootsRaw PomegranatesRaw Portabella MushroomsRaw Portabella Mushrooms Exposed to UVRaw Potato SkinRaw Potherb JuteRaw Prickly PearsRaw PummeloRaw PumpkinRaw Pumpkin FlowersRaw Pumpkin LeavesRaw PurslaneRaw QuincesRaw QuinoaRaw RadicchioRaw RadishesRaw RaspberriesRaw Red And White CurrantsRaw Red Anjou PearsRaw Red CabbageRaw Red Hot Chili PeppersRaw Red Kidney BeansRaw Red Leaf LettuceRaw Red Or Green GrapesRaw Red Sour CherriesRaw Red Sweet PeppersRaw Regular Long-grain White RiceRaw Regular Tofu Prepared with Calcium SulfateRaw RhubarbRaw Ripe Red TomatoesRaw Root WasabiRaw Rose-applesRaw RoselleRaw RowalRaw Royal Red Kidney BeansRaw RutabagasRaw SalsifyRaw SapodillaRaw Savoy CabbageRaw Scallop Summer SquashRaw Serrano PeppersRaw Sesbania FlowerRaw ShallotsRaw Shiitake MushroomsRaw Short-grain White RiceRaw Small White BeansRaw SoursopRaw SoybeansRaw Spaghetti Winter SquashRaw Spanish PeanutsRaw SpinachRaw Spirulina SeaweedRaw Split Green PeasRaw Spring Or Scallions OnionsRaw sprouted alfalfa seedsRaw Sprouted Kidney BeansRaw Sprouted LentilsRaw Sprouted Mung BeansRaw Sprouted Navy BeansRaw Sprouted PeasRaw Sprouted Pinto BeansRaw Sprouted Radish SeedsRaw Sprouted SoybeansRaw StarFruitRaw Stored Common CabbageRaw StrawberriesRaw Strawberry GuavasRaw SuccotashRaw Sugar-applesRaw Sulfured Dehydrated ApplesRaw Sulfured Dehydrated ApricotsRaw Sulfured Dehydrated PeachesRaw Sulfured Dried ApplesRaw Sulfured Dried ApricotsRaw Sulfured Dried PeachesRaw Sulfured Dried PearsRaw Sweet CherriesRaw Sweet OnionsRaw Sweet PotatoRaw Sweet Potato LeavesRaw Swiss ChardRaw Tahitian TaroRaw TamarindsRaw Tangerine JuiceRaw TangerinesRaw TaroRaw Taro LeavesRaw Taro ShootsRaw TeffRaw Thin Seeded Lima BeansRaw TomatillosRaw Turnip GreensRaw TurnipsRaw Unenriched Glutinous White RiceRaw Valencia OrangesRaw Valencia PeanutsRaw VinespinachRaw Virginia PeanutsRaw Wakame SeaweedRaw Water Convolvulus Raw WatercressRaw WatermelonRaw WaxgourdRaw Welsh OnionsRaw White BeansRaw White Gourd-flowered Raw White GrapefruitRaw White Grapefruit JuiceRaw White Icicle RadishesRaw White Mushroom Exposed to UVRaw White MushroomsRaw White Sweet CornRaw Whole CucumberRaw Whole PotatoesRaw Whole Red PotatoesRaw Whole Russet PotatoesRaw Whole TahiniRaw Whole White PotatoesRaw Wild RiceRaw Winged Bean LeavesRaw Winged Bean TuberRaw Winged BeansRaw Witloof ChicoryRaw YamRaw Yambean Raw Yardlong BeanRaw Yardlong BeansRaw Yautia Raw Yellow BeansRaw Yellow PeachesRaw Yellow PlantainsRaw Yellow Snap BeansRaw Yellow Sweet CornRaw Yellow Sweet PeppersRaw Yellow TomatoesRaw Young BroadbeansRaw Young Cowpeas Raw Young Lima BeansRaw Young PigeonpeasRaw Young Pods With Seeds CowpeasRaw Young Winged BeansRaw ZESPRI SunGold KiwifruitRaw Zucchini Summer Squash with SkinReady To Drink Black TeaReady-to-drink Tropical PunchReady-to-drink Chocolate Almond MilkReady-to-drink Vanilla Flavor Sweetened Almond MilkRED BULL Energy DrinkRed Frozen RaspberriesRed or Cayenne Pepper SpiceRed Table WineRed Wine VinegarReduced Calorie French Salad DressingReduced Calorie Italian Salad DressingReduced Calorie With Whitener Instant CoffeeReduced Fat Commercial Italian Salad DressingReduced Fat French Salad DressingReduced Fat French Salad Dressing Without Salt Reduced Fat Peanut ButterReduced Sugar Fruit Flavored Drink, Greater Than 3% Fruit Juice, High Vitamin C, Added CalciumRefined Industrial Soy Oil For Woks and Light FryingRefined Soybean Vegetable OilRefined Unenriched Sorghum FlourRefrigerated Commercially Prepared Plain Naan BreadRefrigerated Commercially Prepared Whole Wheat Naan BreadRefrigerated Hash Brown Potatoes, Pan-fried In Canola OilRegular BeerRegular Brewed Green TeaRegular Carbonated ColaRegular Instant Coffee PowderRegular Instant Coffee half the Caffeine Regular Sesame Seed Salad DressingRestaurant-prepared Espresso Brewed CoffeeRhubarb Frozen Cooked with SugarRice and Wheat cereal barRice Bran BreadRice Bran OilRice cake, cracker (include hain mini rice cakes)Rice crackersRice SakeRiesling White Table WineRoasted Breadfruit SeedsRoasted Buckwheat GroatsRoasted Chinese ChestnutsRoasted European ChestnutsRoasted Full-fat Soy FlourRoasted Glandless Cottonseed KernelsRoasted Japanese ChestnutsRoasted Pumpkin And Squash Seed KernelsRoasted Pumpkin And Squash Seed Kernels with SaltRoasted Soybeans with SaltRoasted Whole Pumpkin And Squash SeedsRoasted Whole Pumpkin And Squash Seeds with SaltRoasted Whole Sesame SeedsROCKSTAR Energy DrinkRolls, dinner, oat branRolls, dinner, ryeRolls, dinner, wheatRolls, dinner, whole-wheatRolls, frenchRolls, gluten-free, white, made with brown rice flour, tapioca starch, and potato starchRolls, gluten-free, white, made with brown rice flour, tapioca starch, and sorghum flourRolls, gluten-free, white, made with rice flour, rice starch, and corn starchRolls, gluten-free, whole grain, made with tapioca starch and brown rice flourRolls, hamburger or hot dog, wheat/cracked wheatRolls, hamburger or hot dog, whole wheatRolls, hamburger or hotdog, mixed-grainRolls, hamburger or hotdog, plainRolls, hamburger, whole grain white, calcium-fortifiedRolls, hard (includes kaiser)Rolls, pumpernickelRoot Beer CarbonatedRose WineRuby Red Cranberry OCEAN SPRAYRuby Red grapefruit juice blend (grapefruit, grape, apple), OCEAN SPRAY, bottled, with added vitamin CRudi's, Gluten-Free Bakery, Original Sandwich BreadRussian Salad DressingRye BreadRye grainRye Reduced-calorie BreadSeeded RaisinsSeedless Raspberries PureeSweetened Red Frozen RaspberriesUNCLE BEN'S Dry Parboiled Brown RiceUNCLE BENS Cooked Parboiled Brown RiceUnenriched White Rice Flour