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Boiled and Drained Frozen Turnip GreensBoiled and Drained Frozen Turnip Greens And TurnipsBoiled and Drained Frozen TurnipsBoiled and Drained Turnip GreensBoiled and Drained Turnip Greens with SaltBoiled and Drained TurnipsBoiled and Drained Turnips with SaltBoiled Frozen Turnip Greens And Turnips, drained with SaltBoiled Frozen Turnip Greens, drained with SaltBoiled Frozen Turnips, drained with SaltCanned Crushed TomatoesCanned Red Ripe Tomatoes in Tomato JuiceCanned Red Ripe Tomatoes in Tomato Juice with SaltCanned Red Ripe Tomatoes with Green ChiliesCanned Spanish Tomato SauceCanned Tamarind NectarCanned Tangerines packed in JuiceCanned Tomato Juice no SaltCanned Tomato Juice with SaltCanned Tomato PasteCanned Tomato PureeCanned Tomato Puree with SaltCanned Tomato Sauce no SaltCanned Tomato Sauce with MushroomsCanned Tomato Sauce with OnionsCanned Tomato Sauce with Onions, Green Peppers and CeleryCanned Tomato Sauce with SaltCanned Tomato Sauce with Tomato TidbitsCanned Turnip Greens no SaltCanned Turnip Greens Solids and LiquidsCooked Ripe Red TomatoesCooked Ripe Red Tomatoes with SaltCooked Shoots Taro with SaltCooked Tahitian Taro no SaltCooked Tahitian Taro with SaltCooked Taro no SaltCooked Taro Shoots no SaltCooked Taro with SaltCooked TeffCooked TempehCooked Tree Fern no SaltCooked Tree Fern with SaltDried-frozen TofuDry Tapioca PearlsFresh ThymeFried TofuFried Tofu, prepared with calcium sulfateFrozen Turnip Greens And Turnips, UnpreparedFrozen Turnip Greens, UnpreparedFrozen Turnips, UnpreparedHard Tofu, prepared with nigariRaw Firm Tofu Prepared with Calcium SulfateRaw Green TomatoesRaw Orange TomatoesRaw Regular Tofu Prepared with Calcium SulfateRaw Ripe Red TomatoesRaw Tahitian TaroRaw TamarindsRaw Tangerine JuiceRaw TangerinesRaw TaroRaw Taro LeavesRaw Taro ShootsRaw TeffRaw TomatillosRaw Turnip GreensRaw TurnipsRaw Yellow TomatoesSalted and Fermented TofuSalted and fermented Tofu, prepared with calcium sulfateSteamed Taro LeavesSteamed Taro Leaves with SaltStewed Canned Ripe Red TomatoesStewed Ripe Red TomatoesStrawberry ToppingsSun-dried TomatoesSun-dried Tomatoes, Packed In Oil, DrainedTable SaltTaco shells, bakedTaco shells, baked, without added saltTangerines, (mandarin oranges), canned, juice pack, drainedTangerines, (mandarin oranges), canned, light syrup packTart, breakfast, low fatTea LIPTON BRISK, Black, Ready-to-drink, LemonTea NESTEA, Black, Ready-to-drink, LemonTea SNAPPLE, Black And Green, Ready To Drink, Lemon, DietTea SNAPPLE, Black And Green, Ready To Drink, Peach, DietTeaseed OilTempehTextured Vegetable Protein, DryTINKYADA Cooked Brown Rice Flour Gluten-free PastaToasted Cinnamon-raisin BagelsToasted Commercially Prepared Whole-wheat BreadToasted Dried Coconut MeatToasted Enriched Raisin BreadToasted French or Vienna Sourdough BreadToasted Hulled Sesame Seed KernelsToasted Multi-grain Bread with Whole-grainToasted Oat Bran BreadToasted Oat Bran Reduced-calorie BreadToasted Oatmeal BreadToasted Protein Bread with GlutenToasted Rice Bran BreadToasted Rye BreadToasted Sprouted Wheat BreadToasted Sunflower Seed Kernels no SaltToasted Sunflower Seed Kernels with SaltToasted Wheat BreadToaster pastries, brown-sugar-cinnamonToaster pastries, fruit (includes apple, blueberry, cherry, strawberry)Toaster Pastries, fruit, frosted (include apples, blueberry, cherry, strawberry)Toaster pastries, fruit, toasted (include apple, blueberry, cherry, strawberry)Tofu yogurtTofu, dried-frozen (koyadofu), prepared with calcium sulfateTofu, extra firm, prepared with nigariTofu, firm, prepared with calcium sulfate and magnesium chloride (nigari)Tofu, soft, prepared with calcium sulfate and magnesium chloride (nigari)Tomato and Vegetable Juice Low SodiumTomato PowderTomatoseed OilTonic Water CarbonatedToppings, butterscotch or caramelToppings, nuts in syrupToppings, pineappleTortilla chips, low fat, baked without fatTortilla chips, yellow, plain, saltedTortillas, ready-to-bake or -fry, cornTortillas, ready-to-bake or -fry, corn, without added saltTortillas, ready-to-bake or -fry, flour, refrigeratedTortillas, ready-to-bake or -fry, flour, shelf stableTortillas, ready-to-bake or -fry, flour, without added calciumTortillas, ready-to-bake or -fry, whole wheatTostada shells, cornTraditional Raw PineappleTriticaleTropical Blend V8 SPLASH Juice DrinksTropical Colada V8 SPLASH SmoothiesWhole-grain Triticale Flour