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Boiled and Drained Frozen Mustard GreensBoiled and Drained Mustard GreensBoiled and Drained Mustard Greens with SaltBoiled and Drained Mustard SpinachBoiled and Drained Mustard Spinach with SaltBoiled and Drained Sprouted Mung BeansBoiled and Drained Sprouted Mung Beans with SaltBoiled and Drained White MushroomsBoiled and Drained White Mushrooms with SaltBoiled Frozen Mustard Greens, drained with SaltBoiled MothbeansBoiled Mothbeans with SaltBoiled Mung BeansBoiled Mung Beans with SaltBoiled Mungo BeansBoiled Mungo Beans with SaltCanned Mango NectarCanned Mushrooms, SolidsCanned Straw Mushrooms, SolidsCholesterol-free Diet MayonnaiseCooked Enriched Vegetable MacaroniCooked Malabar SpinachCooked MilletCooked Shiitake Mushrooms no SaltCooked Shiitake Mushrooms with SaltDrained Canned Maraschino CherriesDried Shiitake MushroomsDry Enriched Vegetable MacaroniFluid Mature Human Breast MilkFrozen Melon BallsFrozen Mustard Greens, UnpreparedGrilled Portabella MushroomsGrilled Portabella Mushrooms Exposed to UVMalt beverage, includes non-alcoholic beerMango Peach V8 SPLASH Juice DrinksMangosteen, canned, syrup packMarmalade, orangeMartha White Foods, Martha White's Chewy Fudge Brownie Mix, dryMary's Gone Crackers, Original Crackers, Organic Gluten FreeMayonnaise made with TofuMckee Baking, Little Debbie Nutty Bars, Wafers with Peanut Butter, Chocolate CoveredMeatless BaconMeatless Bacon BitsMeatless FrankfurterMeatless Luncheon SlicesMeatless MeatballsMeatless Sandwich SpreadMeatless SausageMedium Rye flourMedjool DatesMerlot Red Table WineMicrowave cooked raw apples without skinMicrowaved All Styles Frozen Green Snap BeansMicrowaved Green Snap BeansMicrowaved Potato Flesh with SaltMicrowaved Potato, Flesh Only no SaltMicrowaved Potatoes Skin no SaltMicrowaved Potatoes Skin with SaltMicrowaved White MushroomsMicrowaved Yellow Corn, Whole Kernel, FrozenMillet flourMillet, puffedMisoMission Foods, Mission Flour Tortillas, Soft Taco, 8 inchMixed Berry Zero POWERADEMolassesMonster Energy Drink, Fortified With Vitamins C, B2, B3, B6, B12Mori-nu silken tofu, extra firmMori-nu silken tofu, firmMori-nu silken tofu, lite extra firmMORI-NU silken Tofu, lite firmMori-nu silken tofu, softMouvedre Red Table WineMuffins, blueberry, dry mixMuffins, English, mixed-grain (includes granola)Muffins, English, plain, enriched, with ca prop (includes sourdough)Muffins, English, plain, toasted, enriched, with calcium propionate (includes sourdough)Muffins, English, raisin-cinnamon (includes apple-cinnamon)Muffins, English, raisin-cinnamon, toasted (includes apple-cinnamon)Muffins, English, wheatMuffins, English, whole-wheatMuffins, oat branMuffins, wheat bran, dry mixMuller Thurgau White Table WineMulti-grain BreadMunicipal Tap WaterMuscat White Table WineMustard OilNo Cholesterol Mayonnaise DressingPrepared Yellow MustardRaw Brown Mushrooms, Italian, Or CriminiRaw Brown Mushrooms, Italian, Or Crimini Exposed to UVRaw Cantaloupe MelonsRaw Casaba MelonsRaw Chanterelle MushroomsRaw Enoki MushroomsRaw Hawaii Mountain YamRaw Honeydew MelonsRaw Maitake MushroomsRaw Mammy-appleRaw MangosRaw MilletRaw Morel MushroomsRaw MothbeansRaw MulberriesRaw Mung BeansRaw Mungo BeansRaw Mustard GreensRaw Mustard SpinachRaw Oyster MushroomsRaw Portabella MushroomsRaw Portabella Mushrooms Exposed to UVRaw Shiitake MushroomsRaw Sprouted Mung BeansRaw White Mushroom Exposed to UVRaw White MushroomsSteamed Hawaii Mountain YamSteamed Hawaii Mountain Yam with SaltStir-Fried Shiitake MushroomsStir-Fried Sprouted Mung BeansStir-Fried White MushroomsSweetened Dried MangoVegan Multigrain Kaiser Roll, 60g