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Boiled and Drained Hyacinth-Young beansBoiled and Drained Hyacinth-Young beans with SaltBoiled Hyacinth BeansBoiled Hyacinth Beans with SaltCanned Hearts Of PalmCommercial HummusHamburger Pickle relishHard Lemonade Malt BeerHard Red Spring WheatHard Red Winter WheatHard Tofu, prepared with nigariHard white WheatHazelnut OilHazelnutsHeavy Syrup Pack Canned StrawberriesHigh Caffeine Limeade CarbonatedHigh fat Sesame FlourHigh Oleic (70% and Over) Sunflower OilHigh Oleic (70%) Non Trans, High Stability Natreon Canola Vegetable OilHigh Oleic Salad or Cooking Safflower OilHigher Alcohol BeerHigher Alcohol Light BeerHome prepared FalafelHome prepared Hash Brown PotatoesHome Prepared HummusHome Recipe French Salad DressingHome Recipe of French Salad Dressing with Cottonseed OilHorned melonHot dog Pickle relishHOUSE FOODS Premium Firm TofuHOUSE FOODS Premium Soft TofuHulled BarleyHulled Hemp SeedsHulled Sesame Seed Kernels, Toasted with SaltPrepared HorseradishRaw Hearts Of PalmRaw Hyacinth BeansRaw Hyacinth-Young beansWhite Canned HominyYellow Canned Hominy