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food nameweightkcal
Cranberry sauce, whole, canned, OCEAN SPRAYCranberry sauce, whole, canned, OCEAN SPRAY14g22kcal
Green TomatoesTomatoes, green, raw36g8.28kcal
OnionsOnions, raw32g13kcal
Bottled Apple JuiceApple juice, canned or bottled, unsweetened, without added ascorbic acid49.6g23kcal
Cider VinegarVinegar, cider8.8g1.85kcal
Syrups, mapleSyrups, maple8g21kcal
Chili PowderSpices, chili powder1g2.82kcal
SaltSalt, table1.2g0kcal
Black PepperSpices, pepper, black0g0kcal
Garlic PowderSpices, garlic powder0.6g2kcal
SoymilkSoymilk, original and vanilla, unfortified48.6g26.2kcal
Peanut ButterPeanut Butter, smooth6.4g37.6kcal
Black PepperSpices, pepper, black0g0kcal
Lime JuiceLime juice, raw48g12kcal
Sunflower OilOil, sunflower, linoleic, (approx. 65%)2.7g24kcal
Canola OilOil, canola2.8g24.8kcal
JackfruitJackfruit, raw33g31.4kcal
TamariSoy sauce made from soy (tamari)7.2g4.32kcal
Syrups, mapleSyrups, maple8g21kcal
Refrigerated Whole Wheat Naan BreadBread, naan, whole wheat, commercially prepared, refrigerated63.6g182kcal
Red Hot Chili PeppersPeppers, hot chili, red, raw45g18kcal
SpinachSpinach, raw56.8g13kcal
Total: 473g487kcal

Macros Ratio

Protein Fat Carbs


Vitamin A319μg
RAE, retinol activity equivalents
Minμg - Maxμg
Foods contribution to Vitamin A
Amount and nameVitamin ATarget
56.8g Spinach266μg29.6%
45g Red Hot Chili Peppers21.6μg2.4%
1g Chili Powder15μg1.65%
36g Green Tomatoes11.5μg1.28%
33g Jackfruit1.65μg0.18%
48g Lime Juice0.96μg0.11%
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Vitamin B10.34mg
Minmg - Maxmg
Foods contribution to Vitamin B1
Amount and nameVitamin B1Target
56.8g Spinach0.044mg3.7%
33g Jackfruit0.035mg2.9%
45g Red Hot Chili Peppers0.032mg2.7%
48.6g Soymilk0.029mg2.43%
36g Green Tomatoes0.022mg1.8%
32g Onions0.015mg1.23%
48g Lime Juice0.012mg1%
16g Syrups, maple0.011mg0.88%
49.6g Bottled Apple Juice0.01mg0.87%
6.4g Peanut Butter0.007mg0.57%
7.2g Tamari0.004mg0.35%
0.6g Garlic Powder0.003mg0.22%
1g Chili Powder0.003mg0.21%
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Vitamin B20.58mg
Minmg - Maxmg
Foods contribution to Vitamin B2
Amount and nameVitamin B2Target
16g Syrups, maple0.2mg15.6%
56.8g Spinach0.11mg8.26%
45g Red Hot Chili Peppers0.039mg2.98%
48.6g Soymilk0.034mg2.58%
33g Jackfruit0.018mg1.4%
36g Green Tomatoes0.014mg1.1%
7.2g Tamari0.011mg0.84%
1g Chili Powder0.009mg0.72%
32g Onions0.009mg0.66%
49.6g Bottled Apple Juice0.008mg0.65%
48g Lime Juice0.007mg0.55%
6.4g Peanut Butter0.007mg0.52%
0.6g Garlic Powder0.001mg0.065%
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Vitamin B35.4mg
Niacin, nicotinic acid, niacinamide
Minmg - Maxmg
Foods contribution to Vitamin B3
Amount and nameVitamin B3Target
6.4g Peanut Butter0.84mg5.26%
45g Red Hot Chili Peppers0.56mg3.5%
56.8g Spinach0.41mg2.57%
33g Jackfruit0.3mg1.9%
7.2g Tamari0.28mg1.78%
48.6g Soymilk0.25mg1.56%
36g Green Tomatoes0.18mg1.13%
1g Chili Powder0.12mg0.73%
48g Lime Juice0.068mg0.43%
32g Onions0.037mg0.23%
49.6g Bottled Apple Juice0.036mg0.23%
16g Syrups, maple0.013mg0.081%
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Vitamin B50.8mg
Pantothenic acid
Minmg - Maxmg
Foods contribution to Vitamin B5
Amount and nameVitamin B5Target
48.6g Soymilk0.18mg3.63%
36g Green Tomatoes0.18mg3.6%
45g Red Hot Chili Peppers0.09mg1.8%
33g Jackfruit0.078mg1.55%
6.4g Peanut Butter0.067mg1.33%
48g Lime Juice0.059mg1.2%
32g Onions0.039mg0.79%
56.8g Spinach0.037mg0.74%
7.2g Tamari0.027mg0.54%
49.6g Bottled Apple Juice0.024mg0.49%
1g Chili Powder0.009mg0.18%
16g Syrups, maple0.006mg0.12%
0.6g Garlic Powder0.004mg0.089%
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Vitamin B60.74mg
Minmg - Maxmg
Foods contribution to Vitamin B6
Amount and nameVitamin B6Target
45g Red Hot Chili Peppers0.23mg17.5%
56.8g Spinach0.11mg8.52%
33g Jackfruit0.11mg8.35%
32g Onions0.038mg2.95%
48.6g Soymilk0.037mg2.88%
6.4g Peanut Butter0.035mg2.7%
36g Green Tomatoes0.029mg2.24%
1g Chili Powder0.021mg1.6%
48g Lime Juice0.018mg1.4%
7.2g Tamari0.014mg1.1%
0.6g Garlic Powder0.01mg0.76%
49.6g Bottled Apple Juice0.009mg0.69%
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Vitamin B72.4μg
Minμg - Maxμg
Foods contribution to Vitamin B7
Amount and nameVitamin B7Target
56.8g Spinach2.4μg8.05%
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Vitamin B9166μg
Folates and Folic Acid
Minμg - Maxμg
Foods contribution to Vitamin B9
Amount and nameVitamin B9Target
56.8g Spinach110μg27.5%
45g Red Hot Chili Peppers10.4μg2.6%
48.6g Soymilk8.75μg2.2%
33g Jackfruit7.9μg1.98%
32g Onions6.1μg1.52%
48g Lime Juice4.8μg1.2%
36g Green Tomatoes3.24μg0.81%
6.4g Peanut Butter2.24μg0.56%
7.2g Tamari1.3μg0.32%
0.6g Garlic Powder0.28μg0.071%
1g Chili Powder0.28μg0.07%
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Vitamin B120μg
Minμg - Maxμg
Foods contribution to Vitamin B12
Amount and nameVitamin B12Target
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Vitamin C111mg
Ascorbic acid
Minmg - Maxmg
Foods contribution to Vitamin C
Amount and nameVitamin CTarget
56.8g Spinach16mg17.7%
48g Lime Juice14.4mg16%
36g Green Tomatoes8.42mg9.36%
33g Jackfruit4.52mg5.02%
32g Onions2.37mg2.63%
49.6g Bottled Apple Juice0.45mg0.5%
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Vitamin D0IU
Calciferol, cholecalciferol, ergocalciferol
MinIU - MaxIU
Foods contribution to Vitamin D
Amount and nameVitamin DTarget
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Vitamin E5.1mg
Tocopherols and Tocotrienols
Minmg - Maxmg
Foods contribution to Vitamin E
Amount and nameVitamin ETarget
56.8g Spinach1.15mg7.7%
2.7g Sunflower Oil1.1mg7.4%
2.8g Canola Oil0.49mg3.26%
1g Chili Powder0.38mg2.54%
6.4g Peanut Butter0.38mg2.53%
45g Red Hot Chili Peppers0.31mg2.07%
36g Green Tomatoes0.14mg0.91%
33g Jackfruit0.11mg0.75%
48g Lime Juice0.11mg0.7%
48.6g Soymilk0.053mg0.36%
32g Onions0.006mg0.043%
49.6g Bottled Apple Juice0.005mg0.033%
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Vitamin K291μg
Phytomenadione or phylloquinone
Minμg - Maxμg
Foods contribution to Vitamin K
Amount and nameVitamin KTarget
56.8g Spinach274μg229%
45g Red Hot Chili Peppers6.3μg5.25%
36g Green Tomatoes3.64μg3.03%
2.8g Canola Oil2μg1.66%
48.6g Soymilk1.46μg1.2%
1g Chili Powder1.06μg0.88%
48g Lime Juice0.29μg0.24%
2.7g Sunflower Oil0.15μg0.12%
32g Onions0.13μg0.11%
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Minkcal - Maxkcal
Foods contribution to Energy
Amount and nameEnergyTarget
16g Syrups, maple41.6kcal1.43%
6.4g Peanut Butter37.6kcal1.3%
33g Jackfruit31.4kcal1.1%
48.6g Soymilk26.2kcal0.9%
2.8g Canola Oil24.8kcal0.85%
2.7g Sunflower Oil24kcal0.82%
49.6g Bottled Apple Juice23kcal0.79%
45g Red Hot Chili Peppers18kcal0.62%
56.8g Spinach13kcal0.45%
32g Onions13kcal0.44%
48g Lime Juice12kcal0.41%
36g Green Tomatoes8.28kcal0.29%
7.2g Tamari4.32kcal0.15%
1g Chili Powder2.82kcal0.097%
0.6g Garlic Powder2kcal0.068%
8.8g Cider Vinegar1.85kcal0.064%
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Ming - Maxg
Foods contribution to Fat
Amount and nameFatTarget
6.4g Peanut Butter3.17g3.27%
2.8g Canola Oil2.8g2.9%
2.7g Sunflower Oil2.7g2.8%
48.6g Soymilk0.85g0.88%
56.8g Spinach0.22g0.23%
33g Jackfruit0.21g0.22%
1g Chili Powder0.14g0.15%
36g Green Tomatoes0.072g0.074%
49.6g Bottled Apple Juice0.064g0.066%
48g Lime Juice0.034g0.035%
32g Onions0.032g0.033%
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Saturated Fat3.23g
Ming - Maxg
Foods contribution to Saturated Fat
Amount and nameSaturated FatTarget
6.4g Peanut Butter0.61g1.9%
2.7g Sunflower Oil0.28g0.87%
2.8g Canola Oil0.21g0.64%
48.6g Soymilk0.1g0.31%
33g Jackfruit0.064g0.2%
56.8g Spinach0.036g0.11%
1g Chili Powder0.025g0.077%
45g Red Hot Chili Peppers0.019g0.059%
32g Onions0.013g0.042%
49.6g Bottled Apple Juice0.011g0.034%
36g Green Tomatoes0.01g0.032%
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Omega 30.44g
Ming - Maxg
Foods contribution to Omega 3
Amount and nameOmega 3Target
2.8g Canola Oil0.26g16%
56.8g Spinach0.078g4.9%
48.6g Soymilk0.036g2.28%
33g Jackfruit0.026g1.63%
1g Chili Powder0.005g0.33%
45g Red Hot Chili Peppers0.005g0.31%
48g Lime Juice0.004g0.24%
49.6g Bottled Apple Juice0.003g0.22%
6.4g Peanut Butter0.002g0.16%
32g Onions0.001g0.08%
36g Green Tomatoes0.001g0.068%
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Omega 64.35g
Ming - Maxg
Foods contribution to Omega 6
Amount and nameOmega 6Target
2.7g Sunflower Oil1.77g10.4%
6.4g Peanut Butter0.72g4.25%
2.8g Canola Oil0.53g3.13%
48.6g Soymilk0.28g1.67%
1g Chili Powder0.075g0.44%
36g Green Tomatoes0.028g0.17%
49.6g Bottled Apple Juice0.016g0.096%
56.8g Spinach0.015g0.087%
48g Lime Juice0.007g0.042%
Find foods rich in Omega 6
Minmg - Maxmg
Foods contribution to Cholesterol
Amount and nameCholesterolTarget
Find foods rich in Cholesterol
Ming - Maxg
Foods contribution to Carbohydrate
Amount and nameCarbohydrateTarget
16g Syrups, maple10.7g8.25%
33g Jackfruit7.67g5.9%
49.6g Bottled Apple Juice5.6g4.3%
48g Lime Juice4.04g3.1%
45g Red Hot Chili Peppers3.96g3.05%
48.6g Soymilk3.05g2.35%
32g Onions3g2.3%
56.8g Spinach2.06g1.6%
36g Green Tomatoes1.84g1.4%
6.4g Peanut Butter1.53g1.2%
1g Chili Powder0.5g0.38%
0.6g Garlic Powder0.44g0.34%
7.2g Tamari0.4g0.31%
8.8g Cider Vinegar0.082g0.063%
Find foods rich in Carbohydrate
Limit added sugars in the diet to less than 10% of total calories [Guidelines 2020]
Ming - Maxg
Foods contribution to Sugars
Amount and nameSugarsTarget
16g Syrups, maple9.67g13.3%
33g Jackfruit6.3g8.7%
49.6g Bottled Apple Juice4.77g6.6%
48.6g Soymilk1.94g2.67%
36g Green Tomatoes1.44g2%
32g Onions1.36g1.87%
48g Lime Juice0.81g1.1%
6.4g Peanut Butter0.42g0.57%
56.8g Spinach0.24g0.33%
7.2g Tamari0.12g0.17%
1g Chili Powder0.072g0.099%
8.8g Cider Vinegar0.035g0.049%
Find foods rich in Sugars
≤50g/day or ~10% of energy has no deleterious effect on lipid and glucose control and of ≤100g/day does not influence body weight[PMC2991323]
Ming - Maxg
Foods contribution to Fructose
Amount and nameFructoseTarget
33g Jackfruit3.03g4.2%
49.6g Bottled Apple Juice2.84g3.92%
32g Onions0.41g0.57%
48g Lime Juice0.29g0.4%
56.8g Spinach0.085g0.12%
16g Syrups, maple0.083g0.11%
1g Chili Powder0.043g0.059%
8.8g Cider Vinegar0.026g0.036%
Find foods rich in Fructose
Ming - Maxg
Foods contribution to Glucose
Amount and nameGlucoseTarget
Find foods rich in Glucose
Ming - Maxg
Foods contribution to Sucrose
Amount and nameSucroseTarget
Find foods rich in Sucrose
Ming - Maxg
Foods contribution to Fiber
Amount and nameFiberTarget
56.8g Spinach1.25g3.3%
45g Red Hot Chili Peppers0.68g1.78%
32g Onions0.54g1.43%
33g Jackfruit0.5g1.3%
36g Green Tomatoes0.4g1.04%
6.4g Peanut Butter0.36g0.96%
1g Chili Powder0.35g0.92%
48.6g Soymilk0.29g0.77%
48g Lime Juice0.19g0.51%
49.6g Bottled Apple Juice0.099g0.26%
7.2g Tamari0.058g0.15%
0.6g Garlic Powder0.054g0.14%
Find foods rich in Fiber
Ming - Maxg
Foods contribution to Protein
Amount and nameProteinTarget
56.8g Spinach1.62g2.9%
48.6g Soymilk1.6g2.84%
6.4g Peanut Butter1.4g2.5%
7.2g Tamari0.76g1.35%
33g Jackfruit0.57g1%
36g Green Tomatoes0.43g0.77%
32g Onions0.35g0.63%
48g Lime Juice0.2g0.36%
1g Chili Powder0.13g0.24%
0.6g Garlic Powder0.099g0.18%
49.6g Bottled Apple Juice0.05g0.089%
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Minmg - Maxmg
Foods contribution to Calcium
Amount and nameCalciumTarget
56.8g Spinach56.2mg5.62%
16g Syrups, maple16.3mg1.63%
48.6g Soymilk12mg1.2%
33g Jackfruit7.9mg0.79%
32g Onions7.36mg0.74%
48g Lime Juice6.7mg0.67%
45g Red Hot Chili Peppers6.3mg0.63%
36g Green Tomatoes4.68mg0.47%
49.6g Bottled Apple Juice3.97mg0.4%
6.4g Peanut Butter3.46mg0.35%
1g Chili Powder3.3mg0.33%
7.2g Tamari1.44mg0.14%
8.8g Cider Vinegar0.62mg0.062%
0.6g Garlic Powder0.47mg0.047%
Find foods rich in Calcium
Minmg - Maxmg
Foods contribution to Copper
Amount and nameCopperTarget
56.8g Spinach0.074mg8.2%
48.6g Soymilk0.062mg6.9%
45g Red Hot Chili Peppers0.058mg6.45%
6.4g Peanut Butter0.037mg4.06%
36g Green Tomatoes0.032mg3.6%
33g Jackfruit0.025mg2.8%
48g Lime Juice0.013mg1.44%
32g Onions0.012mg1.4%
1g Chili Powder0.01mg1.1%
7.2g Tamari0.01mg1.08%
49.6g Bottled Apple Juice0.006mg0.66%
0.6g Garlic Powder0.003mg0.36%
16g Syrups, maple0.003mg0.32%
8.8g Cider Vinegar0.001mg0.078%
1.2g Salt0mg0.04%
Find foods rich in Copper
Fluoride is a mineral that helps prevent tooth decay and helps keep your bones strong. [RDA]
Minμg - Maxμg
Foods contribution to Fluoride
Amount and nameFluorideTarget
Find foods rich in Fluoride
Minmg - Maxmg
Foods contribution to Iron
Amount and nameIronTarget
56.8g Spinach1.54mg19.2%
45g Red Hot Chili Peppers0.46mg5.8%
48.6g Soymilk0.31mg3.9%
36g Green Tomatoes0.18mg2.3%
1g Chili Powder0.17mg2.16%
7.2g Tamari0.17mg2.14%
6.4g Peanut Butter0.14mg1.73%
33g Jackfruit0.076mg0.95%
32g Onions0.067mg0.84%
49.6g Bottled Apple Juice0.06mg0.74%
48g Lime Juice0.043mg0.54%
0.6g Garlic Powder0.034mg0.42%
8.8g Cider Vinegar0.018mg0.22%
16g Syrups, maple0.018mg0.22%
1.2g Salt0.004mg0.05%
Find foods rich in Iron
Minmg - Maxmg
Foods contribution to Magnesium
Amount and nameMagnesiumTarget
56.8g Spinach45mg10.7%
48.6g Soymilk12mg2.9%
6.4g Peanut Butter11.5mg2.73%
45g Red Hot Chili Peppers10.4mg2.46%
33g Jackfruit9.57mg2.28%
48g Lime Juice3.84mg0.91%
36g Green Tomatoes3.6mg0.86%
16g Syrups, maple3.36mg0.8%
32g Onions3.2mg0.76%
7.2g Tamari2.88mg0.69%
49.6g Bottled Apple Juice2.48mg0.59%
1g Chili Powder1.5mg0.35%
0.6g Garlic Powder0.46mg0.11%
8.8g Cider Vinegar0.44mg0.1%
Find foods rich in Magnesium
Minmg - Maxmg
Foods contribution to Manganese
Amount and nameManganeseTarget
56.8g Spinach0.51mg22%
16g Syrups, maple0.47mg20.2%
48.6g Soymilk0.11mg4.7%
6.4g Peanut Butter0.087mg3.8%
45g Red Hot Chili Peppers0.084mg3.66%
32g Onions0.041mg1.8%
49.6g Bottled Apple Juice0.037mg1.6%
36g Green Tomatoes0.036mg1.57%
7.2g Tamari0.036mg1.56%
8.8g Cider Vinegar0.022mg0.95%
1g Chili Powder0.017mg0.74%
33g Jackfruit0.014mg0.62%
48g Lime Juice0.009mg0.38%
0.6g Garlic Powder0.006mg0.26%
1.2g Salt0.001mg0.052%
Find foods rich in Manganese
Molybdenum is an essential trace element that is naturally present in many foods [RDA]
Minμg - Maxμg
Foods contribution to Molybdenum
Amount and nameMolybdenumTarget
Find foods rich in Molybdenum
Minmg - Maxmg
Foods contribution to Phosphorus
Amount and namePhosphorusTarget
56.8g Spinach28mg3.98%
48.6g Soymilk25.3mg3.6%
6.4g Peanut Butter21.4mg3.06%
45g Red Hot Chili Peppers19.4mg2.76%
36g Green Tomatoes10mg1.44%
7.2g Tamari9.36mg1.34%
32g Onions9.28mg1.33%
33g Jackfruit6.93mg0.99%
48g Lime Juice6.7mg0.96%
49.6g Bottled Apple Juice3.47mg0.5%
1g Chili Powder3mg0.43%
0.6g Garlic Powder2.5mg0.35%
8.8g Cider Vinegar0.7mg0.1%
16g Syrups, maple0.32mg0.046%
Find foods rich in Phosphorus
Minmg - Maxmg
Foods contribution to Potassium
Amount and namePotassiumTarget
56.8g Spinach317mg9.32%
33g Jackfruit148mg4.35%
45g Red Hot Chili Peppers145mg4.26%
36g Green Tomatoes73.4mg2.16%
48.6g Soymilk57.3mg1.7%
48g Lime Juice56mg1.65%
49.6g Bottled Apple Juice50mg1.47%
32g Onions46.7mg1.37%
6.4g Peanut Butter38mg1.1%
16g Syrups, maple34mg1%
1g Chili Powder19.5mg0.57%
7.2g Tamari15.3mg0.45%
0.6g Garlic Powder7.16mg0.21%
8.8g Cider Vinegar6.42mg0.19%
Find foods rich in Potassium
Minμg - Maxμg
Foods contribution to Selenium
Amount and nameSeleniumTarget
6.4g Peanut Butter2.6μg4.7%
48.6g Soymilk2.33μg4.24%
56.8g Spinach0.57μg1.03%
45g Red Hot Chili Peppers0.23μg0.41%
1g Chili Powder0.2μg0.37%
32g Onions0.16μg0.29%
36g Green Tomatoes0.14μg0.26%
0.6g Garlic Powder0.14μg0.26%
16g Syrups, maple0.096μg0.17%
7.2g Tamari0.058μg0.1%
49.6g Bottled Apple Juice0.05μg0.09%
48g Lime Juice0.048μg0.087%
Find foods rich in Selenium
Minmg - Maxmg
Foods contribution to Sodium
Amount and nameSodiumTarget
1.2g Salt465mg31%
7.2g Tamari402mg27%
56.8g Spinach45mg3%
6.4g Peanut Butter30.5mg2.03%
1g Chili Powder28.7mg1.9%
48.6g Soymilk24.8mg1.65%
36g Green Tomatoes4.68mg0.31%
45g Red Hot Chili Peppers4.05mg0.27%
49.6g Bottled Apple Juice2mg0.13%
16g Syrups, maple1.92mg0.13%
32g Onions1.28mg0.085%
48g Lime Juice0.96mg0.064%
33g Jackfruit0.66mg0.044%
Find foods rich in Sodium
Minmg - Maxmg
Foods contribution to Zinc
Amount and nameZincTarget
56.8g Spinach0.3mg2.74%
16g Syrups, maple0.24mg2.14%
6.4g Peanut Butter0.17mg1.55%
45g Red Hot Chili Peppers0.12mg1.06%
48.6g Soymilk0.058mg0.53%
32g Onions0.054mg0.49%
1g Chili Powder0.043mg0.39%
33g Jackfruit0.043mg0.39%
48g Lime Juice0.038mg0.35%
7.2g Tamari0.031mg0.28%
36g Green Tomatoes0.025mg0.23%
0.6g Garlic Powder0.018mg0.16%
49.6g Bottled Apple Juice0.01mg0.09%
8.8g Cider Vinegar0.004mg0.032%
Find foods rich in Zinc
Ming - Maxg
Foods contribution to Water
Amount and nameWaterTarget
56.8g Spinach52g1.4%
49.6g Bottled Apple Juice43.8g1.2%
48g Lime Juice43.6g1.18%
48.6g Soymilk42.8g1.16%
45g Red Hot Chili Peppers39.6g1.07%
36g Green Tomatoes33.5g0.9%
32g Onions28.5g0.77%
33g Jackfruit24.2g0.66%
8.8g Cider Vinegar8.26g0.22%
16g Syrups, maple5.2g0.14%
7.2g Tamari4.75g0.13%
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