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food nameweightkcal


WaterBeverages, water, tap, drinking500g0kcal
BroccoliBroccoli, raw100g34kcal
AlmondsNuts, almonds30g174kcal
Squash Seed KernelsSeeds, pumpkin and squash seed kernels, dried50g280kcal
CarrotsCarrots, raw50g20.5kcal

Second Breakfast

Tofu, extra firm, prepared with nigariTofu, extra firm, prepared with nigari200g166kcal
Sunflower OilOil, sunflower, linoleic, (approx. 65%)30g265kcal
Now, Nutritional Yeast FlakesFortified Nutritional Yeast Flakes by Now Foods5g19.4kcal
Regular Brewed Green TeaBeverages, tea, green, brewed, regular100g1kcal
SaltSalt, table2g0kcal


AvocadosAvocados, raw, all commercial varieties100g160kcal
WalnutsNuts, walnuts, english50g327kcal
SpinachSpinach, raw100g23kcal
Lemon JuiceLemon juice, raw25g5.5kcal
WaterBeverages, water, tap, drinking300g0kcal


Raw Firm Tofu Prepared with Calcium SulfateTofu, raw, firm, prepared with calcium sulfate200g288kcal
SaltSalt, table2g0kcal
BrazilnutsNuts, brazilnuts, dried, unblanched10g66kcal
TomatoesTomatoes, red, ripe, raw, year round average100g18kcal
WaterBeverages, water, tap, drinking300g0kcal
Cooked AsparagusAsparagus, cooked, boiled, drained100g22kcal
UV Exposed Brown Mushrooms, Italian, Or CriminiMushrooms, brown, italian, or crimini, exposed to ultraviolet light, raw100g22kcal
Total: 2454g1891kcal

Macros Ratio

Protein Fat Carbs


Vitamin A1018μg
RAE, retinol activity equivalents
Minμg - Maxμg
Foods contribution to Vitamin A
Amount and nameVitamin ATarget
100g Spinach469μg52%
50g Carrots418μg46.4%
100g Cooked Asparagus50μg5.56%
100g Tomatoes42μg4.67%
100g Broccoli31μg3.44%
100g Avocados7μg0.78%
50g Squash Seed Kernels0.5μg0.056%
50g Walnuts0.5μg0.056%
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Vitamin B14.73mg
Minmg - Maxmg
Foods contribution to Vitamin B1
Amount and nameVitamin B1Target
50g Walnuts0.17mg14.2%
100g Cooked Asparagus0.16mg13.5%
50g Squash Seed Kernels0.14mg11.4%
100g Spinach0.078mg6.5%
100g Broccoli0.071mg5.9%
100g Avocados0.067mg5.6%
10g Brazilnuts0.062mg5.14%
30g Almonds0.062mg5.13%
100g Tomatoes0.037mg3.1%
50g Carrots0.033mg2.75%
100g Regular Brewed Green Tea0.007mg0.58%
25g Lemon Juice0.006mg0.5%
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Vitamin B25.3mg
Minmg - Maxmg
Foods contribution to Vitamin B2
Amount and nameVitamin B2Target
30g Almonds0.34mg26.3%
100g Spinach0.19mg14.5%
100g Cooked Asparagus0.14mg10.7%
100g Avocados0.13mg10%
100g Broccoli0.12mg9%
50g Squash Seed Kernels0.077mg5.9%
50g Walnuts0.075mg5.77%
100g Regular Brewed Green Tea0.058mg4.46%
50g Carrots0.029mg2.23%
100g Tomatoes0.019mg1.46%
25g Lemon Juice0.004mg0.29%
10g Brazilnuts0.004mg0.27%
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Vitamin B332.3mg
Niacin, nicotinic acid, niacinamide
Minmg - Maxmg
Foods contribution to Vitamin B3
Amount and nameVitamin B3Target
50g Squash Seed Kernels2.5mg15.6%
100g Avocados1.74mg11%
30g Almonds1.1mg6.8%
100g Cooked Asparagus1.1mg6.78%
100g Spinach0.72mg4.53%
100g Broccoli0.64mg4%
100g Tomatoes0.59mg3.7%
50g Walnuts0.56mg3.5%
50g Carrots0.49mg3.07%
100g Regular Brewed Green Tea0.03mg0.19%
10g Brazilnuts0.03mg0.18%
25g Lemon Juice0.023mg0.14%
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Vitamin B56.8mg
Pantothenic acid
Minmg - Maxmg
Foods contribution to Vitamin B5
Amount and nameVitamin B5Target
100g Avocados1.4mg27.8%
100g Broccoli0.57mg11.5%
50g Squash Seed Kernels0.38mg7.5%
50g Walnuts0.29mg5.7%
100g Cooked Asparagus0.23mg4.5%
30g Almonds0.14mg2.83%
50g Carrots0.14mg2.73%
100g Tomatoes0.089mg1.8%
100g Spinach0.065mg1.3%
25g Lemon Juice0.033mg0.66%
10g Brazilnuts0.018mg0.37%
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Vitamin B65.06mg
Minmg - Maxmg
Foods contribution to Vitamin B6
Amount and nameVitamin B6Target
50g Walnuts0.27mg20.7%
100g Avocados0.26mg19.8%
100g Spinach0.2mg15%
100g Broccoli0.18mg13.5%
100g Tomatoes0.08mg6.15%
100g Cooked Asparagus0.079mg6.08%
50g Squash Seed Kernels0.072mg5.5%
50g Carrots0.069mg5.3%
30g Almonds0.041mg3.16%
25g Lemon Juice0.012mg0.88%
10g Brazilnuts0.01mg0.78%
100g Regular Brewed Green Tea0.005mg0.38%
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Vitamin B731.6μg
Minμg - Maxμg
Foods contribution to Vitamin B7
Amount and nameVitamin B7Target
30g Almonds17μg57%
50g Walnuts8.65μg29%
100g Spinach4.25μg14%
50g Carrots1.1μg3.7%
100g Tomatoes0.47μg1.56%
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Vitamin B91089μg
Folates and Folic Acid
Minμg - Maxμg
Foods contribution to Vitamin B9
Amount and nameVitamin B9Target
100g Spinach194μg48.5%
100g Cooked Asparagus149μg37.3%
100g Avocados81μg20.3%
100g Broccoli63μg15.8%
50g Walnuts49μg12.3%
50g Squash Seed Kernels29μg7.25%
100g Tomatoes15μg3.75%
30g Almonds13μg3.3%
50g Carrots9.5μg2.38%
25g Lemon Juice5μg1.25%
10g Brazilnuts2.2μg0.55%
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Vitamin B127.88μg
Minμg - Maxμg
Foods contribution to Vitamin B12
Amount and nameVitamin B12Target
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Vitamin C163mg
Ascorbic acid
Minmg - Maxmg
Foods contribution to Vitamin C
Amount and nameVitamin CTarget
100g Broccoli89.2mg99%
100g Spinach28mg31.2%
100g Tomatoes13.7mg15.2%
100g Avocados10mg11%
25g Lemon Juice9.68mg10.8%
100g Cooked Asparagus7.7mg8.56%
50g Carrots2.95mg3.28%
50g Squash Seed Kernels0.95mg1.06%
50g Walnuts0.65mg0.72%
10g Brazilnuts0.07mg0.078%
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Vitamin D1276IU
Calciferol, cholecalciferol, ergocalciferol
MinIU - MaxIU
Foods contribution to Vitamin D
Amount and nameVitamin DTarget
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Vitamin E29.3mg
Tocopherols and Tocotrienols
Minmg - Maxmg
Foods contribution to Vitamin E
Amount and nameVitamin ETarget
30g Sunflower Oil12.3mg82%
30g Almonds7.7mg51.3%
100g Avocados2.07mg13.8%
100g Spinach2.03mg13.5%
100g Cooked Asparagus1.5mg10%
50g Squash Seed Kernels1.1mg7.27%
100g Broccoli0.78mg5.2%
10g Brazilnuts0.57mg3.77%
100g Tomatoes0.54mg3.6%
50g Walnuts0.35mg2.33%
50g Carrots0.33mg2.2%
25g Lemon Juice0.038mg0.25%
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Vitamin K683μg
Phytomenadione or phylloquinone
Minμg - Maxμg
Foods contribution to Vitamin K
Amount and nameVitamin KTarget
100g Spinach483μg402%
100g Broccoli102μg84.7%
100g Cooked Asparagus50.6μg42%
100g Avocados21μg17.5%
100g Tomatoes7.9μg6.6%
50g Carrots6.6μg5.5%
50g Squash Seed Kernels3.65μg3.04%
30g Sunflower Oil1.62μg1.35%
50g Walnuts1.35μg1.13%
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Minkcal - Maxkcal
Foods contribution to Energy
Amount and nameEnergyTarget
50g Walnuts327kcal11.3%
50g Squash Seed Kernels280kcal9.64%
30g Sunflower Oil265kcal9.14%
30g Almonds174kcal6%
100g Avocados160kcal5.5%
10g Brazilnuts66kcal2.27%
100g Broccoli34kcal1.17%
100g Spinach23kcal0.79%
100g Cooked Asparagus22kcal0.76%
50g Carrots20.5kcal0.71%
100g Tomatoes18kcal0.62%
25g Lemon Juice5.5kcal0.19%
100g Regular Brewed Green Tea1kcal0.034%
Find foods rich in Energy
Ming - Maxg
Foods contribution to Fat
Amount and nameFatTarget
50g Walnuts32.6g33.6%
30g Sunflower Oil30g31%
50g Squash Seed Kernels24.5g25.3%
30g Almonds15g15.4%
100g Avocados14.7g15%
10g Brazilnuts6.7g6.9%
100g Spinach0.39g0.4%
100g Broccoli0.37g0.38%
100g Cooked Asparagus0.22g0.23%
100g Tomatoes0.2g0.21%
50g Carrots0.12g0.12%
25g Lemon Juice0.06g0.062%
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Saturated Fat20g
Ming - Maxg
Foods contribution to Saturated Fat
Amount and nameSaturated FatTarget
50g Squash Seed Kernels4.33g13.5%
30g Sunflower Oil3.1g9.66%
50g Walnuts3.06g9.57%
100g Avocados2.13g6.64%
10g Brazilnuts1.6g5.04%
30g Almonds1.14g3.56%
100g Broccoli0.11g0.36%
100g Spinach0.063g0.2%
100g Cooked Asparagus0.048g0.15%
100g Tomatoes0.028g0.088%
50g Carrots0.016g0.05%
25g Lemon Juice0.01g0.031%
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Omega 36.65g
Ming - Maxg
Foods contribution to Omega 3
Amount and nameOmega 3Target
50g Walnuts4.54g284%
100g Spinach0.14g8.63%
100g Avocados0.13g7.8%
100g Broccoli0.063g3.94%
50g Squash Seed Kernels0.06g3.75%
100g Cooked Asparagus0.029g1.8%
10g Brazilnuts0.004g0.23%
100g Tomatoes0.003g0.19%
25g Lemon Juice0.002g0.14%
50g Carrots0.001g0.063%
30g Almonds0.001g0.056%
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Omega 670.7g
Ming - Maxg
Foods contribution to Omega 6
Amount and nameOmega 6Target
30g Sunflower Oil19.7g116%
50g Walnuts19g112%
30g Almonds3.7g21.7%
10g Brazilnuts2.44g14.3%
100g Avocados1.67g9.85%
100g Tomatoes0.08g0.47%
100g Cooked Asparagus0.076g0.45%
50g Carrots0.05g0.29%
100g Broccoli0.049g0.29%
100g Spinach0.026g0.15%
Find foods rich in Omega 6
Minmg - Maxmg
Foods contribution to Cholesterol
Amount and nameCholesterolTarget
Find foods rich in Cholesterol
Ming - Maxg
Foods contribution to Carbohydrate
Amount and nameCarbohydrateTarget
100g Avocados8.53g6.56%
50g Walnuts6.86g5.27%
100g Broccoli6.64g5.1%
30g Almonds6.47g4.97%
50g Squash Seed Kernels5.36g4.1%
50g Carrots4.8g3.7%
100g Cooked Asparagus4.1g3.16%
100g Tomatoes3.9g3%
100g Spinach3.63g2.8%
25g Lemon Juice1.73g1.33%
10g Brazilnuts1.17g0.9%
Find foods rich in Carbohydrate
Limit added sugars in the diet to less than 10% of total calories [Guidelines 2020]
Ming - Maxg
Foods contribution to Sugars
Amount and nameSugarsTarget
100g Tomatoes2.63g3.63%
50g Carrots2.37g3.27%
100g Broccoli1.7g2.34%
30g Almonds1.3g1.8%
50g Walnuts1.3g1.8%
100g Cooked Asparagus1.3g1.8%
50g Squash Seed Kernels0.7g0.97%
100g Avocados0.66g0.91%
25g Lemon Juice0.63g0.87%
100g Spinach0.42g0.58%
10g Brazilnuts0.23g0.32%
Find foods rich in Sugars
≤50g/day or ~10% of energy has no deleterious effect on lipid and glucose control and of ≤100g/day does not influence body weight[PMC2991323]
Ming - Maxg
Foods contribution to Fructose
Amount and nameFructoseTarget
100g Tomatoes1.37g1.9%
100g Cooked Asparagus0.79g1.1%
100g Broccoli0.68g0.94%
25g Lemon Juice0.28g0.38%
50g Carrots0.28g0.38%
100g Spinach0.15g0.21%
100g Avocados0.12g0.17%
50g Squash Seed Kernels0.075g0.1%
50g Walnuts0.045g0.062%
30g Almonds0.033g0.046%
Find foods rich in Fructose
Ming - Maxg
Foods contribution to Glucose
Amount and nameGlucoseTarget
Find foods rich in Glucose
Ming - Maxg
Foods contribution to Sucrose
Amount and nameSucroseTarget
Find foods rich in Sucrose
Ming - Maxg
Foods contribution to Fiber
Amount and nameFiberTarget
100g Avocados6.7g17.6%
30g Almonds3.75g9.87%
50g Walnuts3.35g8.8%
100g Broccoli2.6g6.84%
100g Spinach2.2g5.8%
100g Cooked Asparagus2g5.26%
50g Carrots1.4g3.7%
100g Tomatoes1.2g3.16%
10g Brazilnuts0.75g1.97%
25g Lemon Juice0.075g0.2%
Find foods rich in Fiber
Ming - Maxg
Foods contribution to Protein
Amount and nameProteinTarget
50g Walnuts7.6g13.6%
30g Almonds6.35g11.3%
100g Spinach2.86g5.1%
100g Broccoli2.82g5.04%
100g Cooked Asparagus2.4g4.3%
100g Avocados2g3.57%
10g Brazilnuts1.43g2.56%
100g Tomatoes0.88g1.57%
50g Carrots0.47g0.83%
25g Lemon Juice0.088g0.16%
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Minmg - Maxmg
Foods contribution to Calcium
Amount and nameCalciumTarget
100g Spinach99mg9.9%
30g Almonds80.7mg8.07%
50g Walnuts49mg4.9%
100g Broccoli47mg4.7%
1100g Water33mg3.3%
100g Cooked Asparagus23mg2.3%
50g Carrots16.5mg1.65%
10g Brazilnuts16mg1.6%
100g Avocados12mg1.2%
100g Tomatoes10mg1%
25g Lemon Juice1.5mg0.15%
4g Salt0.96mg0.096%
Find foods rich in Calcium
Minmg - Maxmg
Foods contribution to Copper
Amount and nameCopperTarget
50g Walnuts0.79mg88%
50g Squash Seed Kernels0.67mg74.6%
30g Almonds0.31mg34.4%
100g Avocados0.19mg21%
10g Brazilnuts0.17mg19.4%
100g Cooked Asparagus0.17mg18.3%
100g Spinach0.13mg14.4%
1100g Water0.11mg12.2%
100g Tomatoes0.059mg6.56%
100g Broccoli0.049mg5.44%
50g Carrots0.023mg2.5%
25g Lemon Juice0.004mg0.44%
100g Regular Brewed Green Tea0.004mg0.44%
4g Salt0.001mg0.13%
Find foods rich in Copper
Fluoride is a mineral that helps prevent tooth decay and helps keep your bones strong. [RDA]
Minμg - Maxμg
Foods contribution to Fluoride
Amount and nameFluorideTarget
1100g Water783μg19.6%
100g Cooked Asparagus22μg0.55%
100g Avocados7μg0.18%
100g Tomatoes2.3μg0.058%
50g Carrots1.6μg0.04%
Find foods rich in Fluoride
Minmg - Maxmg
Foods contribution to Iron
Amount and nameIronTarget
100g Spinach2.7mg34%
50g Walnuts1.46mg18%
30g Almonds1.1mg14%
100g Cooked Asparagus0.91mg11.4%
100g Broccoli0.73mg9.13%
100g Avocados0.55mg6.88%
100g Tomatoes0.27mg3.38%
10g Brazilnuts0.24mg3.04%
50g Carrots0.15mg1.88%
25g Lemon Juice0.02mg0.25%
100g Regular Brewed Green Tea0.02mg0.25%
4g Salt0.013mg0.17%
Find foods rich in Iron
Minmg - Maxmg
Foods contribution to Magnesium
Amount and nameMagnesiumTarget
50g Squash Seed Kernels296mg70.5%
30g Almonds81mg19.3%
100g Spinach79mg19%
50g Walnuts79mg19%
10g Brazilnuts37.6mg8.95%
100g Avocados29mg6.9%
100g Broccoli21mg5%
100g Cooked Asparagus14mg3.33%
100g Tomatoes11mg2.6%
1100g Water11mg2.6%
50g Carrots6mg1.43%
25g Lemon Juice1.5mg0.36%
Find foods rich in Magnesium
Minmg - Maxmg
Foods contribution to Manganese
Amount and nameManganeseTarget
50g Squash Seed Kernels2.27mg99%
50g Walnuts1.7mg74.2%
100g Spinach0.9mg39%
30g Almonds0.65mg28.4%
100g Broccoli0.21mg9.13%
100g Cooked Asparagus0.15mg6.7%
100g Avocados0.14mg6.17%
10g Brazilnuts0.12mg5.3%
100g Tomatoes0.11mg4.96%
50g Carrots0.072mg3.1%
4g Salt0.004mg0.17%
25g Lemon Juice0.003mg0.13%
Find foods rich in Manganese
Molybdenum is an essential trace element that is naturally present in many foods [RDA]
Minμg - Maxμg
Foods contribution to Molybdenum
Amount and nameMolybdenumTarget
30g Almonds13.6μg30%
50g Walnuts10.5μg23.3%
Find foods rich in Molybdenum
Minmg - Maxmg
Foods contribution to Phosphorus
Amount and namePhosphorusTarget
50g Walnuts173mg24.7%
30g Almonds144mg20.6%
10g Brazilnuts72.5mg10.4%
100g Broccoli66mg9.43%
100g Cooked Asparagus54mg7.7%
100g Avocados52mg7.43%
100g Spinach49mg7%
100g Tomatoes24mg3.43%
50g Carrots17.5mg2.5%
25g Lemon Juice2mg0.29%
Find foods rich in Phosphorus
Minmg - Maxmg
Foods contribution to Potassium
Amount and namePotassiumTarget
100g Spinach558mg16.4%
100g Avocados485mg14.3%
100g Broccoli316mg9.3%
100g Tomatoes237mg6.97%
100g Cooked Asparagus224mg6.6%
50g Walnuts221mg6.5%
30g Almonds220mg6.47%
50g Carrots160mg4.7%
10g Brazilnuts66mg1.94%
25g Lemon Juice25.8mg0.76%
Find foods rich in Potassium
Minμg - Maxμg
Foods contribution to Selenium
Amount and nameSeleniumTarget
10g Brazilnuts192μg349%
100g Cooked Asparagus6.1μg11%
50g Squash Seed Kernels4.7μg8.55%
100g Broccoli2.5μg4.55%
50g Walnuts2.45μg4.45%
30g Almonds1.23μg2.24%
100g Spinach1μg1.8%
100g Avocados0.4μg0.73%
50g Carrots0.05μg0.091%
25g Lemon Juice0.025μg0.045%
Find foods rich in Selenium
Minmg - Maxmg
Foods contribution to Sodium
Amount and nameSodiumTarget
4g Salt1550mg103%
100g Spinach79mg5.27%
1100g Water44mg2.93%
50g Carrots34.5mg2.3%
100g Broccoli33mg2.2%
100g Cooked Asparagus14mg0.93%
100g Avocados7mg0.47%
100g Tomatoes5mg0.33%
50g Squash Seed Kernels3.5mg0.23%
50g Walnuts1mg0.067%
Find foods rich in Sodium
Minmg - Maxmg
Foods contribution to Zinc
Amount and nameZincTarget
50g Squash Seed Kernels3.9mg35.5%
50g Walnuts1.55mg14%
30g Almonds0.94mg8.5%
100g Avocados0.64mg5.8%
100g Cooked Asparagus0.6mg5.45%
100g Spinach0.53mg4.8%
100g Broccoli0.41mg3.73%
10g Brazilnuts0.41mg3.7%
100g Tomatoes0.17mg1.55%
50g Carrots0.12mg1.1%
1100g Water0.11mg1%
25g Lemon Juice0.013mg0.11%
100g Regular Brewed Green Tea0.01mg0.091%
4g Salt0.004mg0.036%
Find foods rich in Zinc
Ming - Maxg
Foods contribution to Water
Amount and nameWaterTarget
1100g Water1099g29.7%
100g Tomatoes95g2.55%
100g Cooked Asparagus93g2.5%
100g Spinach91g2.47%
100g Broccoli89.3g2.4%
100g Avocados73.2g1.98%
50g Carrots44g1.2%
25g Lemon Juice23g0.62%
50g Squash Seed Kernels2.6g0.071%
50g Walnuts2.04g0.055%
30g Almonds1.32g0.036%
Find foods rich in Water