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food nameweightkcal


WaterBeverages, water, tap, drinking800g0kcal
Dry Quick OatsCereals, oats, regular and quick, not fortified, dry70g265kcal
FlaxseedSeeds, flaxseed10g53.4kcal
Sunflower SeedsSeeds, sunflower seed kernels, dried14g81.8kcal
Squash Seed KernelsSeeds, pumpkin and squash seed kernels, dried15g84kcal
CranberriesCranberries, raw100g46kcal
Regular Brewed Green TeaBeverages, tea, green, brewed, regular300g3kcal


WaterBeverages, water, tap, drinking500g0kcal
Tofu, extra firm, prepared with nigariTofu, extra firm, prepared with nigari200g166kcal
BroccoliBroccoli, raw100g34kcal
Commercial Whole-wheat BreadBread, whole-wheat, commercially prepared100g252kcal
SpinachSpinach, raw30g6.9kcal
TomatoesTomatoes, red, ripe, raw, year round average186g33.5kcal
Baked Sweet PotatoSweet potato, cooked, baked in skin, flesh, without salt180g162kcal
Regular Brewed Green TeaBeverages, tea, green, brewed, regular300g3kcal


Boiled Kidney BeansBeans, kidney, all types, mature seeds, cooked, boiled, without salt350g445kcal
OnionsOnions, raw110g44kcal
GarlicGarlic, raw3g4.47kcal
Commercial Whole-wheat BreadBread, whole-wheat, commercially prepared55g139kcal
SaltSalt, table2g0kcal
Tomato PasteTomato products, canned, paste, without salt added61g50kcal
WaterBeverages, water, tap, drinking500g0kcal
Total: 3986g1872kcal

Macros Ratio

Protein Fat Carbs


Vitamin A2030μg
RAE, retinol activity equivalents
Minμg - Maxμg
Foods contribution to Vitamin A
Amount and nameVitamin ATarget
180g Baked Sweet Potato1730μg192%
30g Spinach141μg15.6%
186g Tomatoes78μg8.7%
61g Tomato Paste46.4μg5.15%
100g Broccoli31μg3.44%
100g Cranberries3μg0.33%
14g Sunflower Seeds0.42μg0.047%
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Vitamin B12.5mg
Minmg - Maxmg
Foods contribution to Vitamin B1
Amount and nameVitamin B1Target
350g Boiled Kidney Beans0.56mg46.7%
70g Dry Quick Oats0.32mg27%
14g Sunflower Seeds0.21mg17.3%
180g Baked Sweet Potato0.19mg16%
10g Flaxseed0.16mg13.7%
100g Broccoli0.071mg5.9%
186g Tomatoes0.069mg5.74%
110g Onions0.051mg4.2%
600g Regular Brewed Green Tea0.042mg3.5%
15g Squash Seed Kernels0.041mg3.4%
61g Tomato Paste0.037mg3.05%
30g Spinach0.023mg1.95%
100g Cranberries0.012mg1%
3g Garlic0.006mg0.5%
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Vitamin B21.65mg
Minmg - Maxmg
Foods contribution to Vitamin B2
Amount and nameVitamin B2Target
600g Regular Brewed Green Tea0.35mg26.8%
350g Boiled Kidney Beans0.2mg15.6%
180g Baked Sweet Potato0.19mg14.7%
100g Broccoli0.12mg9%
70g Dry Quick Oats0.11mg8.35%
61g Tomato Paste0.093mg7.18%
30g Spinach0.057mg4.36%
14g Sunflower Seeds0.05mg3.82%
186g Tomatoes0.035mg2.7%
110g Onions0.03mg2.3%
15g Squash Seed Kernels0.023mg1.77%
100g Cranberries0.02mg1.54%
10g Flaxseed0.016mg1.24%
3g Garlic0.003mg0.25%
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Vitamin B319.3mg
Niacin, nicotinic acid, niacinamide
Minmg - Maxmg
Foods contribution to Vitamin B3
Amount and nameVitamin B3Target
180g Baked Sweet Potato2.68mg16.7%
350g Boiled Kidney Beans2.02mg12.6%
61g Tomato Paste1.88mg11.7%
14g Sunflower Seeds1.17mg7.3%
186g Tomatoes1.1mg6.9%
70g Dry Quick Oats0.79mg4.92%
15g Squash Seed Kernels0.75mg4.68%
100g Broccoli0.64mg4%
10g Flaxseed0.31mg1.93%
30g Spinach0.22mg1.36%
600g Regular Brewed Green Tea0.18mg1.13%
110g Onions0.13mg0.8%
100g Cranberries0.1mg0.63%
3g Garlic0.021mg0.13%
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Vitamin B57.5mg
Pantothenic acid
Minmg - Maxmg
Foods contribution to Vitamin B5
Amount and nameVitamin B5Target
180g Baked Sweet Potato1.6mg32%
70g Dry Quick Oats0.78mg15.7%
350g Boiled Kidney Beans0.77mg15.4%
100g Broccoli0.57mg11.5%
100g Cranberries0.3mg5.9%
186g Tomatoes0.17mg3.3%
14g Sunflower Seeds0.16mg3.16%
110g Onions0.14mg2.7%
15g Squash Seed Kernels0.11mg2.25%
10g Flaxseed0.099mg1.97%
61g Tomato Paste0.087mg1.73%
30g Spinach0.02mg0.39%
3g Garlic0.018mg0.36%
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Vitamin B62.53mg
Minmg - Maxmg
Foods contribution to Vitamin B6
Amount and nameVitamin B6Target
180g Baked Sweet Potato0.51mg39.6%
350g Boiled Kidney Beans0.42mg32.3%
14g Sunflower Seeds0.19mg14.5%
100g Broccoli0.18mg13.5%
186g Tomatoes0.15mg11.4%
110g Onions0.13mg10%
61g Tomato Paste0.13mg10%
70g Dry Quick Oats0.07mg5.4%
30g Spinach0.059mg4.5%
100g Cranberries0.057mg4.4%
10g Flaxseed0.047mg3.64%
3g Garlic0.037mg2.85%
15g Squash Seed Kernels0.021mg1.65%
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Vitamin B725μg
Minμg - Maxμg
Foods contribution to Vitamin B7
Amount and nameVitamin B7Target
70g Dry Quick Oats15.3μg51%
180g Baked Sweet Potato4.32μg14.4%
10g Flaxseed3.38μg11.3%
30g Spinach1.28μg4.25%
186g Tomatoes0.87μg2.9%
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Vitamin B9799μg
Folates and Folic Acid
Minμg - Maxμg
Foods contribution to Vitamin B9
Amount and nameVitamin B9Target
350g Boiled Kidney Beans455μg114%
100g Broccoli63μg15.8%
30g Spinach58.2μg14.6%
14g Sunflower Seeds31.8μg7.95%
186g Tomatoes28μg6.98%
70g Dry Quick Oats22.4μg5.6%
110g Onions21μg5.23%
180g Baked Sweet Potato11μg2.7%
15g Squash Seed Kernels8.7μg2.18%
10g Flaxseed8.7μg2.18%
61g Tomato Paste7.32μg1.83%
100g Cranberries1μg0.25%
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Vitamin B120μg
Minμg - Maxμg
Foods contribution to Vitamin B12
Amount and nameVitamin B12Target
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Vitamin C200mg
Ascorbic acid
Minmg - Maxmg
Foods contribution to Vitamin C
Amount and nameVitamin CTarget
100g Broccoli89.2mg99%
180g Baked Sweet Potato35.3mg39.2%
186g Tomatoes25.5mg28.3%
100g Cranberries14mg15.6%
61g Tomato Paste13.4mg15%
30g Spinach8.43mg9.37%
110g Onions8.14mg9.04%
350g Boiled Kidney Beans4.2mg4.67%
3g Garlic0.94mg1.04%
15g Squash Seed Kernels0.29mg0.32%
14g Sunflower Seeds0.2mg0.22%
10g Flaxseed0.06mg0.067%
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Vitamin D0IU
Calciferol, cholecalciferol, ergocalciferol
MinIU - MaxIU
Foods contribution to Vitamin D
Amount and nameVitamin DTarget
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Vitamin E17.5mg
Tocopherols and Tocotrienols
Minmg - Maxmg
Foods contribution to Vitamin E
Amount and nameVitamin ETarget
14g Sunflower Seeds4.92mg33%
61g Tomato Paste2.62mg17.5%
100g Cranberries1.32mg8.8%
180g Baked Sweet Potato1.28mg8.5%
186g Tomatoes1mg6.7%
100g Broccoli0.78mg5.2%
30g Spinach0.61mg4.06%
15g Squash Seed Kernels0.33mg2.18%
70g Dry Quick Oats0.29mg1.96%
350g Boiled Kidney Beans0.11mg0.7%
10g Flaxseed0.031mg0.21%
110g Onions0.022mg0.15%
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Vitamin K328μg
Phytomenadione or phylloquinone
Minμg - Maxμg
Foods contribution to Vitamin K
Amount and nameVitamin KTarget
30g Spinach145μg121%
100g Broccoli102μg84.7%
350g Boiled Kidney Beans29.4μg24.5%
186g Tomatoes14.7μg12.2%
61g Tomato Paste6.95μg5.8%
100g Cranberries5μg4.17%
180g Baked Sweet Potato4.14μg3.45%
70g Dry Quick Oats1.4μg1.17%
15g Squash Seed Kernels1.1μg0.91%
110g Onions0.44μg0.37%
10g Flaxseed0.43μg0.36%
3g Garlic0.051μg0.043%
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Minkcal - Maxkcal
Foods contribution to Energy
Amount and nameEnergyTarget
350g Boiled Kidney Beans445kcal15.3%
70g Dry Quick Oats265kcal9.15%
180g Baked Sweet Potato162kcal5.6%
15g Squash Seed Kernels84kcal2.9%
14g Sunflower Seeds81.8kcal2.8%
10g Flaxseed53.4kcal1.84%
61g Tomato Paste50kcal1.72%
100g Cranberries46kcal1.6%
110g Onions44kcal1.5%
100g Broccoli34kcal1.17%
186g Tomatoes33.5kcal1.15%
30g Spinach6.9kcal0.24%
3g Garlic4.47kcal0.15%
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Ming - Maxg
Foods contribution to Fat
Amount and nameFatTarget
15g Squash Seed Kernels7.36g7.6%
14g Sunflower Seeds7.2g7.43%
70g Dry Quick Oats4.56g4.7%
10g Flaxseed4.2g4.35%
350g Boiled Kidney Beans1.75g1.8%
186g Tomatoes0.37g0.38%
100g Broccoli0.37g0.38%
61g Tomato Paste0.29g0.3%
180g Baked Sweet Potato0.27g0.28%
100g Cranberries0.13g0.13%
30g Spinach0.12g0.12%
110g Onions0.11g0.11%
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Saturated Fat6.67g
Ming - Maxg
Foods contribution to Saturated Fat
Amount and nameSaturated FatTarget
15g Squash Seed Kernels1.3g4.06%
70g Dry Quick Oats0.78g2.43%
14g Sunflower Seeds0.62g1.95%
10g Flaxseed0.37g1.14%
350g Boiled Kidney Beans0.26g0.8%
100g Broccoli0.11g0.36%
180g Baked Sweet Potato0.094g0.29%
61g Tomato Paste0.061g0.19%
186g Tomatoes0.052g0.16%
110g Onions0.046g0.14%
30g Spinach0.019g0.059%
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Omega 33.86g
Ming - Maxg
Foods contribution to Omega 3
Amount and nameOmega 3Target
10g Flaxseed2.3g143%
70g Dry Quick Oats0.07g4.38%
100g Broccoli0.063g3.94%
30g Spinach0.041g2.6%
100g Cranberries0.022g1.38%
15g Squash Seed Kernels0.018g1.13%
180g Baked Sweet Potato0.011g0.68%
14g Sunflower Seeds0.008g0.53%
186g Tomatoes0.006g0.35%
110g Onions0.004g0.28%
61g Tomato Paste0.004g0.27%
3g Garlic0.001g0.038%
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Omega 616.4g
Ming - Maxg
Foods contribution to Omega 6
Amount and nameOmega 6Target
14g Sunflower Seeds3.23g19%
15g Squash Seed Kernels3.1g18.3%
70g Dry Quick Oats1.54g9.06%
10g Flaxseed0.59g3.47%
350g Boiled Kidney Beans0.38g2.22%
180g Baked Sweet Potato0.16g0.95%
186g Tomatoes0.15g0.88%
61g Tomato Paste0.093g0.55%
100g Broccoli0.049g0.29%
100g Cranberries0.033g0.19%
110g Onions0.014g0.084%
30g Spinach0.008g0.046%
3g Garlic0.007g0.04%
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Minmg - Maxmg
Foods contribution to Cholesterol
Amount and nameCholesterolTarget
Find foods rich in Cholesterol
Ming - Maxg
Foods contribution to Carbohydrate
Amount and nameCarbohydrateTarget
350g Boiled Kidney Beans79.8g61.4%
70g Dry Quick Oats47.4g36.5%
180g Baked Sweet Potato37.3g28.7%
100g Cranberries12g9.2%
61g Tomato Paste11.5g8.87%
110g Onions10.3g7.9%
186g Tomatoes7.24g5.57%
100g Broccoli6.64g5.1%
10g Flaxseed2.9g2.22%
14g Sunflower Seeds2.8g2.15%
15g Squash Seed Kernels1.6g1.24%
30g Spinach1.1g0.84%
3g Garlic0.99g0.76%
Find foods rich in Carbohydrate
Limit added sugars in the diet to less than 10% of total calories [Guidelines 2020]
Ming - Maxg
Foods contribution to Sugars
Amount and nameSugarsTarget
180g Baked Sweet Potato11.7g16%
61g Tomato Paste7.43g10.2%
186g Tomatoes4.9g6.75%
110g Onions4.66g6.43%
100g Cranberries4.27g5.9%
100g Broccoli1.7g2.34%
350g Boiled Kidney Beans1.12g1.54%
70g Dry Quick Oats0.69g0.96%
14g Sunflower Seeds0.37g0.51%
15g Squash Seed Kernels0.21g0.29%
10g Flaxseed0.16g0.21%
30g Spinach0.13g0.17%
3g Garlic0.03g0.041%
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≤50g/day or ~10% of energy has no deleterious effect on lipid and glucose control and of ≤100g/day does not influence body weight[PMC2991323]
Ming - Maxg
Foods contribution to Fructose
Amount and nameFructoseTarget
61g Tomato Paste3.57g4.92%
186g Tomatoes2.55g3.5%
110g Onions1.4g1.96%
180g Baked Sweet Potato0.9g1.24%
100g Broccoli0.68g0.94%
100g Cranberries0.67g0.92%
30g Spinach0.045g0.062%
15g Squash Seed Kernels0.023g0.031%
Find foods rich in Fructose
Ming - Maxg
Foods contribution to Glucose
Amount and nameGlucoseTarget
Find foods rich in Glucose
Ming - Maxg
Foods contribution to Sucrose
Amount and nameSucroseTarget
Find foods rich in Sucrose
Ming - Maxg
Foods contribution to Fiber
Amount and nameFiberTarget
350g Boiled Kidney Beans22.4g59%
70g Dry Quick Oats7.07g18.6%
180g Baked Sweet Potato5.94g15.6%
100g Cranberries3.6g9.47%
10g Flaxseed2.73g7.2%
100g Broccoli2.6g6.84%
61g Tomato Paste2.5g6.6%
186g Tomatoes2.23g5.87%
110g Onions1.87g4.92%
14g Sunflower Seeds1.2g3.17%
15g Squash Seed Kernels0.9g2.37%
30g Spinach0.66g1.74%
3g Garlic0.063g0.17%
Find foods rich in Fiber
Ming - Maxg
Foods contribution to Protein
Amount and nameProteinTarget
350g Boiled Kidney Beans30.3g54%
70g Dry Quick Oats9.2g16.4%
15g Squash Seed Kernels4.53g8.1%
180g Baked Sweet Potato3.6g6.46%
14g Sunflower Seeds2.9g5.2%
100g Broccoli2.82g5.04%
61g Tomato Paste2.64g4.7%
10g Flaxseed1.83g3.27%
186g Tomatoes1.64g2.92%
110g Onions1.2g2.16%
30g Spinach0.86g1.53%
100g Cranberries0.46g0.82%
3g Garlic0.19g0.34%
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Minmg - Maxmg
Foods contribution to Calcium
Amount and nameCalciumTarget
350g Boiled Kidney Beans123mg12.3%
180g Baked Sweet Potato68.4mg6.84%
1800g Water54mg5.4%
100g Broccoli47mg4.7%
70g Dry Quick Oats32mg3.2%
30g Spinach29.7mg2.97%
10g Flaxseed25.5mg2.55%
110g Onions25.3mg2.53%
61g Tomato Paste22mg2.2%
186g Tomatoes18.6mg1.86%
14g Sunflower Seeds11mg1.1%
100g Cranberries8mg0.8%
15g Squash Seed Kernels6.9mg0.69%
3g Garlic5.43mg0.54%
2g Salt0.48mg0.048%
Find foods rich in Calcium
Minmg - Maxmg
Foods contribution to Copper
Amount and nameCopperTarget
350g Boiled Kidney Beans0.76mg84%
70g Dry Quick Oats0.3mg33.3%
180g Baked Sweet Potato0.29mg32.2%
14g Sunflower Seeds0.25mg28%
61g Tomato Paste0.22mg24.7%
15g Squash Seed Kernels0.2mg22.4%
1800g Water0.18mg20%
10g Flaxseed0.12mg13.6%
186g Tomatoes0.11mg12%
100g Cranberries0.056mg6.22%
100g Broccoli0.049mg5.44%
110g Onions0.043mg4.77%
30g Spinach0.039mg4.33%
600g Regular Brewed Green Tea0.024mg2.67%
3g Garlic0.009mg1%
2g Salt0.001mg0.067%
Find foods rich in Copper
Fluoride is a mineral that helps prevent tooth decay and helps keep your bones strong. [RDA]
Minμg - Maxμg
Foods contribution to Fluoride
Amount and nameFluorideTarget
1800g Water1282μg32%
186g Tomatoes4.28μg0.11%
Find foods rich in Fluoride
Minmg - Maxmg
Foods contribution to Iron
Amount and nameIronTarget
350g Boiled Kidney Beans7.77mg97%
70g Dry Quick Oats3.04mg38%
61g Tomato Paste1.8mg22.7%
15g Squash Seed Kernels1.32mg16.5%
180g Baked Sweet Potato1.24mg15.5%
30g Spinach0.81mg10%
14g Sunflower Seeds0.74mg9.2%
100g Broccoli0.73mg9.13%
10g Flaxseed0.57mg7.16%
186g Tomatoes0.5mg6.28%
110g Onions0.23mg2.9%
100g Cranberries0.23mg2.88%
3g Garlic0.051mg0.64%
2g Salt0.007mg0.083%
Find foods rich in Iron
Minmg - Maxmg
Foods contribution to Magnesium
Amount and nameMagnesiumTarget
350g Boiled Kidney Beans147mg35%
15g Squash Seed Kernels88.8mg21%
70g Dry Quick Oats88.2mg21%
180g Baked Sweet Potato48.6mg11.6%
14g Sunflower Seeds45.5mg11%
10g Flaxseed39.2mg9.33%
61g Tomato Paste25.6mg6.1%
30g Spinach23.7mg5.64%
100g Broccoli21mg5%
186g Tomatoes20.5mg4.87%
1800g Water18mg4.3%
110g Onions11mg2.6%
100g Cranberries6mg1.43%
3g Garlic0.75mg0.18%
Find foods rich in Magnesium
Minmg - Maxmg
Foods contribution to Manganese
Amount and nameManganeseTarget
70g Dry Quick Oats2.26mg98%
350g Boiled Kidney Beans1.5mg65.4%
180g Baked Sweet Potato0.89mg39%
15g Squash Seed Kernels0.68mg29.6%
14g Sunflower Seeds0.27mg12%
30g Spinach0.27mg11.7%
100g Cranberries0.27mg11.6%
10g Flaxseed0.25mg10.8%
186g Tomatoes0.21mg9.2%
100g Broccoli0.21mg9.13%
61g Tomato Paste0.18mg8%
110g Onions0.14mg6.17%
3g Garlic0.05mg2.2%
2g Salt0.002mg0.087%
Find foods rich in Manganese
Molybdenum is an essential trace element that is naturally present in many foods [RDA]
Minμg - Maxμg
Foods contribution to Molybdenum
Amount and nameMolybdenumTarget
70g Dry Quick Oats112μg249%
Find foods rich in Molybdenum
Minmg - Maxmg
Foods contribution to Phosphorus
Amount and namePhosphorusTarget
350g Boiled Kidney Beans483mg69%
70g Dry Quick Oats271mg38.7%
15g Squash Seed Kernels185mg26.4%
180g Baked Sweet Potato97mg14%
14g Sunflower Seeds92mg13.2%
100g Broccoli66mg9.43%
10g Flaxseed64.2mg9.17%
61g Tomato Paste50.6mg7.23%
186g Tomatoes44.6mg6.38%
110g Onions32mg4.56%
30g Spinach14.7mg2.1%
100g Cranberries11mg1.57%
3g Garlic4.6mg0.66%
Find foods rich in Phosphorus
Minmg - Maxmg
Foods contribution to Potassium
Amount and namePotassiumTarget
350g Boiled Kidney Beans1418mg41.7%
180g Baked Sweet Potato855mg25%
61g Tomato Paste619mg18%
186g Tomatoes441mg13%
100g Broccoli316mg9.3%
70g Dry Quick Oats245mg7.2%
30g Spinach167mg4.92%
110g Onions161mg4.72%
15g Squash Seed Kernels121mg3.57%
14g Sunflower Seeds90mg2.66%
10g Flaxseed81.3mg2.4%
100g Cranberries80mg2.35%
3g Garlic12mg0.35%
Find foods rich in Potassium
Minμg - Maxμg
Foods contribution to Selenium
Amount and nameSeleniumTarget
70g Dry Quick Oats17.8μg32.3%
14g Sunflower Seeds7.4μg13.5%
350g Boiled Kidney Beans3.85μg7%
61g Tomato Paste3.23μg5.88%
10g Flaxseed2.54μg4.6%
100g Broccoli2.5μg4.55%
15g Squash Seed Kernels1.4μg2.56%
110g Onions0.55μg1%
3g Garlic0.43μg0.77%
180g Baked Sweet Potato0.36μg0.65%
30g Spinach0.3μg0.55%
100g Cranberries0.1μg0.18%
Find foods rich in Selenium
Minmg - Maxmg
Foods contribution to Sodium
Amount and nameSodiumTarget
2g Salt775mg51.7%
1800g Water72mg4.8%
180g Baked Sweet Potato64.8mg4.3%
61g Tomato Paste36mg2.4%
100g Broccoli33mg2.2%
30g Spinach23.7mg1.58%
186g Tomatoes9.3mg0.62%
110g Onions4.4mg0.29%
350g Boiled Kidney Beans3.5mg0.23%
10g Flaxseed3mg0.2%
100g Cranberries2mg0.13%
14g Sunflower Seeds1.26mg0.084%
15g Squash Seed Kernels1.05mg0.07%
3g Garlic0.51mg0.034%
70g Dry Quick Oats0.47mg0.031%
Find foods rich in Sodium
Minmg - Maxmg
Foods contribution to Zinc
Amount and nameZincTarget
350g Boiled Kidney Beans3.5mg32%
70g Dry Quick Oats1.9mg17.4%
15g Squash Seed Kernels1.17mg10.7%
14g Sunflower Seeds0.7mg6.36%
180g Baked Sweet Potato0.58mg5.24%
10g Flaxseed0.43mg3.95%
100g Broccoli0.41mg3.73%
61g Tomato Paste0.38mg3.5%
186g Tomatoes0.32mg2.87%
110g Onions0.19mg1.7%
1800g Water0.18mg1.64%
30g Spinach0.16mg1.45%
100g Cranberries0.09mg0.82%
600g Regular Brewed Green Tea0.06mg0.55%
3g Garlic0.035mg0.32%
Find foods rich in Zinc
Ming - Maxg
Foods contribution to Water
Amount and nameWaterTarget
1800g Water1798g48.6%
350g Boiled Kidney Beans234g6.33%
186g Tomatoes176g4.75%
180g Baked Sweet Potato136g3.7%
110g Onions98g2.65%
100g Broccoli89.3g2.4%
100g Cranberries87.3g2.36%
61g Tomato Paste45g1.2%
30g Spinach27.4g0.74%
70g Dry Quick Oats7.6g0.21%
3g Garlic1.76g0.047%
Find foods rich in Water