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food nameweightkcal
Red LentilsLentils, pink or red, raw192g687kcal
PotatoesPotatoes, flesh and skin, raw150g116kcal
TomatoesTomatoes, red, ripe, raw, year round average180g32.4kcal
Frozen SpinachSpinach, frozen, chopped or leaf, unprepared156g45.2kcal
OnionsOnions, raw160g64kcal
CarrotsCarrots, raw128g52.5kcal
Coriander LeavesCoriander (cilantro) leaves, raw16g3.68kcal
Cumin SeedSpices, cumin seed4.2g15.8kcal
Garlic PowderSpices, garlic powder1.55g5.13kcal
Ground GingerSpices, ginger, ground0.9g3kcal
Green Hot Chili PeppersPeppers, hot chili, green, raw45g18kcal
Ground TurmericSpices, turmeric, ground1g3.12kcal
Chili PowderSpices, chili powder0.9g2.54kcal
Cumin SeedSpices, cumin seed0.7g2.63kcal
Coriander SeedSpices, coriander seed3.6g10.7kcal
Sunflower OilOil, sunflower, linoleic, (approx. 65%)54.5g482kcal
SaltSalt, table0.4g0kcal
WaterBeverages, water, tap, drinking710g0kcal
Total: 1805g1543kcal

Macros Ratio

Protein Fat Carbs


Vitamin A2161μg
RAE, retinol activity equivalents
Minμg - Maxμg
Foods contribution to Vitamin A
Amount and nameVitamin ATarget
128g Carrots1069μg119%
156g Frozen Spinach914μg102%
180g Tomatoes75.6μg8.4%
16g Coriander Leaves54μg6%
45g Green Hot Chili Peppers26.6μg2.95%
0.9g Chili Powder13.3μg1.5%
192g Red Lentils5.76μg0.64%
4.9g Cumin Seed3.14μg0.35%
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Vitamin B11.57mg
Minmg - Maxmg
Foods contribution to Vitamin B1
Amount and nameVitamin B1Target
192g Red Lentils0.98mg81.6%
156g Frozen Spinach0.15mg12.2%
150g Potatoes0.12mg10%
128g Carrots0.084mg7.04%
160g Onions0.074mg6.13%
180g Tomatoes0.067mg5.55%
45g Green Hot Chili Peppers0.041mg3.38%
4.9g Cumin Seed0.031mg2.56%
16g Coriander Leaves0.011mg0.89%
3.6g Coriander Seed0.009mg0.72%
1.55g Garlic Powder0.007mg0.56%
0.9g Chili Powder0.002mg0.19%
1g Ground Turmeric0.001mg0.048%
0.9g Ground Ginger0mg0.035%
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Vitamin B20.86mg
Minmg - Maxmg
Foods contribution to Vitamin B2
Amount and nameVitamin B2Target
156g Frozen Spinach0.35mg27%
192g Red Lentils0.2mg15.7%
128g Carrots0.074mg5.7%
150g Potatoes0.048mg3.7%
160g Onions0.043mg3.32%
180g Tomatoes0.034mg2.63%
16g Coriander Leaves0.026mg2%
4.9g Cumin Seed0.016mg1.23%
3.6g Coriander Seed0.01mg0.8%
0.9g Chili Powder0.008mg0.65%
1.55g Garlic Powder0.002mg0.17%
0.9g Ground Ginger0.002mg0.12%
1g Ground Turmeric0.002mg0.12%
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Vitamin B38.9mg
Niacin, nicotinic acid, niacinamide
Minmg - Maxmg
Foods contribution to Vitamin B3
Amount and nameVitamin B3Target
192g Red Lentils2.87mg18%
150g Potatoes1.6mg9.95%
128g Carrots1.26mg7.86%
180g Tomatoes1.07mg6.7%
156g Frozen Spinach0.79mg4.94%
4.9g Cumin Seed0.22mg1.4%
160g Onions0.19mg1.16%
16g Coriander Leaves0.18mg1.1%
0.9g Chili Powder0.1mg0.65%
0.9g Ground Ginger0.087mg0.54%
3.6g Coriander Seed0.077mg0.48%
1g Ground Turmeric0.014mg0.084%
1.55g Garlic Powder0.012mg0.077%
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Vitamin B52.1mg
Pantothenic acid
Minmg - Maxmg
Foods contribution to Vitamin B5
Amount and nameVitamin B5Target
192g Red Lentils0.67mg13.4%
150g Potatoes0.44mg8.85%
128g Carrots0.35mg7%
160g Onions0.2mg3.94%
180g Tomatoes0.16mg3.2%
156g Frozen Spinach0.15mg2.93%
16g Coriander Leaves0.091mg1.82%
45g Green Hot Chili Peppers0.027mg0.55%
1.55g Garlic Powder0.012mg0.23%
0.9g Chili Powder0.008mg0.16%
1g Ground Turmeric0.005mg0.11%
0.9g Ground Ginger0.004mg0.086%
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Vitamin B62.22mg
Minmg - Maxmg
Foods contribution to Vitamin B6
Amount and nameVitamin B6Target
192g Red Lentils0.77mg59.5%
150g Potatoes0.45mg34.4%
156g Frozen Spinach0.27mg20.6%
160g Onions0.19mg14.8%
128g Carrots0.18mg13.6%
180g Tomatoes0.14mg11%
1.55g Garlic Powder0.026mg1.97%
16g Coriander Leaves0.024mg1.83%
4.9g Cumin Seed0.021mg1.64%
0.9g Chili Powder0.019mg1.45%
0.9g Ground Ginger0.006mg0.43%
1g Ground Turmeric0.001mg0.082%
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Vitamin B73.7μg
Minμg - Maxμg
Foods contribution to Vitamin B7
Amount and nameVitamin B7Target
128g Carrots2.84μg9.47%
180g Tomatoes0.84μg2.8%
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Vitamin B9744μg
Folates and Folic Acid
Minμg - Maxμg
Foods contribution to Vitamin B9
Amount and nameVitamin B9Target
192g Red Lentils392μg98%
156g Frozen Spinach226μg56.6%
160g Onions30.4μg7.6%
180g Tomatoes27μg6.75%
128g Carrots24.3μg6.1%
150g Potatoes22.5μg5.63%
16g Coriander Leaves9.9μg2.48%
1.55g Garlic Powder0.73μg0.18%
4.9g Cumin Seed0.49μg0.12%
0.9g Chili Powder0.25μg0.063%
1g Ground Turmeric0.2μg0.05%
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Vitamin B120μg
Minμg - Maxμg
Foods contribution to Vitamin B12
Amount and nameVitamin B12Target
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Vitamin C200mg
Ascorbic acid
Minmg - Maxmg
Foods contribution to Vitamin C
Amount and nameVitamin CTarget
150g Potatoes29.6mg33%
180g Tomatoes24.7mg27.4%
160g Onions12mg13%
156g Frozen Spinach8.6mg9.53%
128g Carrots7.55mg8.4%
16g Coriander Leaves4.32mg4.8%
192g Red Lentils3.26mg3.63%
3.6g Coriander Seed0.76mg0.84%
4.9g Cumin Seed0.38mg0.42%
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Vitamin D0IU
Calciferol, cholecalciferol, ergocalciferol
MinIU - MaxIU
Foods contribution to Vitamin D
Amount and nameVitamin DTarget
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Vitamin E30mg
Tocopherols and Tocotrienols
Minmg - Maxmg
Foods contribution to Vitamin E
Amount and nameVitamin ETarget
54.5g Sunflower Oil22.4mg149%
156g Frozen Spinach4.52mg30%
180g Tomatoes0.97mg6.48%
128g Carrots0.84mg5.63%
16g Coriander Leaves0.4mg2.67%
0.9g Chili Powder0.34mg2.3%
4.9g Cumin Seed0.16mg1.1%
1g Ground Turmeric0.044mg0.3%
160g Onions0.032mg0.21%
150g Potatoes0.015mg0.1%
1.55g Garlic Powder0.01mg0.069%
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Vitamin K675μg
Phytomenadione or phylloquinone
Minμg - Maxμg
Foods contribution to Vitamin K
Amount and nameVitamin KTarget
156g Frozen Spinach580μg484%
16g Coriander Leaves49.6μg41.3%
128g Carrots17μg14%
180g Tomatoes14.2μg12%
45g Green Hot Chili Peppers6.44μg5.36%
150g Potatoes3μg2.5%
54.5g Sunflower Oil2.94μg2.45%
0.9g Chili Powder0.95μg0.79%
160g Onions0.64μg0.53%
4.9g Cumin Seed0.26μg0.22%
1g Ground Turmeric0.13μg0.11%
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Minkcal - Maxkcal
Foods contribution to Energy
Amount and nameEnergyTarget
192g Red Lentils687kcal23.7%
54.5g Sunflower Oil482kcal16.6%
150g Potatoes116kcal4%
160g Onions64kcal2.2%
128g Carrots52.5kcal1.8%
156g Frozen Spinach45.2kcal1.56%
180g Tomatoes32.4kcal1.1%
4.9g Cumin Seed18.4kcal0.63%
3.6g Coriander Seed10.7kcal0.37%
1.55g Garlic Powder5.13kcal0.18%
16g Coriander Leaves3.68kcal0.13%
1g Ground Turmeric3.12kcal0.11%
0.9g Ground Ginger3kcal0.1%
0.9g Chili Powder2.54kcal0.088%
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Ming - Maxg
Foods contribution to Fat
Amount and nameFatTarget
54.5g Sunflower Oil54.5g56%
192g Red Lentils4.17g4.3%
4.9g Cumin Seed1.1g1.12%
156g Frozen Spinach0.89g0.92%
3.6g Coriander Seed0.64g0.66%
180g Tomatoes0.36g0.37%
128g Carrots0.31g0.32%
160g Onions0.16g0.16%
150g Potatoes0.14g0.14%
0.9g Chili Powder0.13g0.13%
16g Coriander Leaves0.083g0.086%
0.9g Ground Ginger0.038g0.039%
1g Ground Turmeric0.033g0.034%
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Saturated Fat6.8g
Ming - Maxg
Foods contribution to Saturated Fat
Amount and nameSaturated FatTarget
54.5g Sunflower Oil5.6g17.5%
192g Red Lentils0.73g2.27%
4.9g Cumin Seed0.075g0.24%
160g Onions0.067g0.21%
156g Frozen Spinach0.064g0.2%
180g Tomatoes0.05g0.16%
128g Carrots0.041g0.13%
150g Potatoes0.038g0.12%
3.6g Coriander Seed0.036g0.11%
0.9g Ground Ginger0.023g0.073%
0.9g Chili Powder0.022g0.069%
1g Ground Turmeric0.018g0.057%
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Omega 30.66g
Ming - Maxg
Foods contribution to Omega 3
Amount and nameOmega 3Target
192g Red Lentils0.48g30%
156g Frozen Spinach0.13g8%
150g Potatoes0.015g0.94%
4.9g Cumin Seed0.009g0.54%
160g Onions0.006g0.4%
180g Tomatoes0.005g0.34%
0.9g Chili Powder0.005g0.3%
128g Carrots0.003g0.16%
0.9g Ground Ginger0.002g0.13%
1g Ground Turmeric0.001g0.053%
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Omega 638g
Ming - Maxg
Foods contribution to Omega 6
Amount and nameOmega 6Target
54.5g Sunflower Oil36g211%
192g Red Lentils1.7g10%
4.9g Cumin Seed0.15g0.89%
180g Tomatoes0.14g0.85%
128g Carrots0.13g0.75%
0.9g Chili Powder0.067g0.4%
3.6g Coriander Seed0.063g0.37%
150g Potatoes0.048g0.28%
160g Onions0.021g0.12%
1g Ground Turmeric0.007g0.04%
16g Coriander Leaves0.006g0.038%
0.9g Ground Ginger0.006g0.037%
Find foods rich in Omega 6
Minmg - Maxmg
Foods contribution to Cholesterol
Amount and nameCholesterolTarget
Find foods rich in Cholesterol
Ming - Maxg
Foods contribution to Carbohydrate
Amount and nameCarbohydrateTarget
192g Red Lentils121g93%
150g Potatoes26.2g20%
160g Onions15g11.5%
128g Carrots12.3g9.43%
180g Tomatoes7g5.4%
156g Frozen Spinach6.57g5.05%
4.9g Cumin Seed2.17g1.67%
3.6g Coriander Seed1.98g1.52%
1.55g Garlic Powder1.13g0.87%
1g Ground Turmeric0.67g0.52%
0.9g Ground Ginger0.64g0.5%
16g Coriander Leaves0.59g0.45%
0.9g Chili Powder0.45g0.34%
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Limit added sugars in the diet to less than 10% of total calories [Guidelines 2020]
Ming - Maxg
Foods contribution to Sugars
Amount and nameSugarsTarget
160g Onions6.8g9.36%
128g Carrots6.07g8.37%
180g Tomatoes4.73g6.53%
150g Potatoes1.23g1.7%
156g Frozen Spinach1g1.4%
16g Coriander Leaves0.14g0.19%
4.9g Cumin Seed0.11g0.15%
0.9g Chili Powder0.065g0.089%
1.55g Garlic Powder0.038g0.052%
1g Ground Turmeric0.032g0.044%
0.9g Ground Ginger0.031g0.042%
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≤50g/day or ~10% of energy has no deleterious effect on lipid and glucose control and of ≤100g/day does not influence body weight[PMC2991323]
Ming - Maxg
Foods contribution to Fructose
Amount and nameFructoseTarget
180g Tomatoes2.47g3.4%
160g Onions2.06g2.85%
128g Carrots0.7g0.97%
150g Potatoes0.39g0.54%
156g Frozen Spinach0.28g0.39%
0.9g Chili Powder0.039g0.053%
Find foods rich in Fructose
Ming - Maxg
Foods contribution to Glucose
Amount and nameGlucoseTarget
Find foods rich in Glucose
Ming - Maxg
Foods contribution to Sucrose
Amount and nameSucroseTarget
Find foods rich in Sucrose
Ming - Maxg
Foods contribution to Fiber
Amount and nameFiberTarget
192g Red Lentils20.7g54.6%
156g Frozen Spinach4.52g12%
128g Carrots3.6g9.43%
150g Potatoes3.15g8.3%
160g Onions2.72g7.16%
180g Tomatoes2.16g5.7%
3.6g Coriander Seed1.5g3.97%
4.9g Cumin Seed0.51g1.35%
16g Coriander Leaves0.45g1.18%
0.9g Chili Powder0.31g0.82%
1g Ground Turmeric0.23g0.6%
1.55g Garlic Powder0.14g0.37%
0.9g Ground Ginger0.13g0.33%
Find foods rich in Fiber
Ming - Maxg
Foods contribution to Protein
Amount and nameProteinTarget
192g Red Lentils46g82%
156g Frozen Spinach5.66g10%
150g Potatoes3.08g5.5%
160g Onions1.76g3.14%
180g Tomatoes1.6g2.83%
128g Carrots1.2g2.13%
4.9g Cumin Seed0.87g1.56%
3.6g Coriander Seed0.45g0.8%
16g Coriander Leaves0.34g0.61%
1.55g Garlic Powder0.26g0.46%
0.9g Chili Powder0.12g0.22%
1g Ground Turmeric0.097g0.17%
0.9g Ground Ginger0.081g0.14%
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Minmg - Maxmg
Foods contribution to Calcium
Amount and nameCalciumTarget
156g Frozen Spinach201mg20%
192g Red Lentils92mg9.2%
4.9g Cumin Seed45.6mg4.56%
128g Carrots42.2mg4.22%
160g Onions36.8mg3.68%
3.6g Coriander Seed25.5mg2.55%
710g Water21.3mg2.13%
150g Potatoes18mg1.8%
180g Tomatoes18mg1.8%
16g Coriander Leaves10.7mg1.07%
0.9g Chili Powder2.97mg0.3%
1g Ground Turmeric1.68mg0.17%
1.55g Garlic Powder1.22mg0.12%
0.9g Ground Ginger1.03mg0.1%
Find foods rich in Calcium
Minmg - Maxmg
Foods contribution to Copper
Amount and nameCopperTarget
192g Red Lentils2.5mg278%
156g Frozen Spinach0.22mg25%
150g Potatoes0.17mg18.3%
180g Tomatoes0.11mg11.8%
710g Water0.071mg7.9%
160g Onions0.062mg6.93%
128g Carrots0.058mg6.4%
4.9g Cumin Seed0.042mg4.72%
16g Coriander Leaves0.036mg4%
3.6g Coriander Seed0.035mg3.9%
1g Ground Turmeric0.013mg1.44%
0.9g Chili Powder0.009mg1%
1.55g Garlic Powder0.008mg0.92%
0.9g Ground Ginger0.004mg0.48%
Find foods rich in Copper
Fluoride is a mineral that helps prevent tooth decay and helps keep your bones strong. [RDA]
Minμg - Maxμg
Foods contribution to Fluoride
Amount and nameFluorideTarget
710g Water506μg12.6%
180g Tomatoes4.14μg0.1%
128g Carrots4.1μg0.1%
160g Onions1.76μg0.044%
Find foods rich in Fluoride
Minmg - Maxmg
Foods contribution to Iron
Amount and nameIronTarget
192g Red Lentils14mg177%
4.9g Cumin Seed3.25mg40.6%
156g Frozen Spinach2.95mg37%
150g Potatoes1.2mg15%
3.6g Coriander Seed0.59mg7.34%
1g Ground Turmeric0.55mg6.88%
180g Tomatoes0.49mg6.08%
128g Carrots0.38mg4.8%
160g Onions0.34mg4.2%
16g Coriander Leaves0.28mg3.54%
0.9g Ground Ginger0.18mg2.23%
0.9g Chili Powder0.16mg1.95%
1.55g Garlic Powder0.088mg1.1%
Find foods rich in Iron
Minmg - Maxmg
Foods contribution to Magnesium
Amount and nameMagnesiumTarget
156g Frozen Spinach117mg28%
192g Red Lentils113mg27%
150g Potatoes34.5mg8.2%
180g Tomatoes20mg4.7%
4.9g Cumin Seed18mg4.27%
160g Onions16mg3.8%
128g Carrots15.4mg3.66%
3.6g Coriander Seed12mg2.83%
710g Water7.1mg1.7%
16g Coriander Leaves4.16mg0.99%
1g Ground Turmeric2.08mg0.5%
0.9g Ground Ginger1.93mg0.46%
0.9g Chili Powder1.34mg0.32%
1.55g Garlic Powder1.2mg0.28%
Find foods rich in Magnesium
Minmg - Maxmg
Foods contribution to Manganese
Amount and nameManganeseTarget
192g Red Lentils3.3mg143%
156g Frozen Spinach1.1mg47.7%
0.9g Ground Ginger0.3mg13%
150g Potatoes0.23mg9.98%
160g Onions0.21mg8.97%
180g Tomatoes0.21mg8.92%
1g Ground Turmeric0.2mg8.6%
128g Carrots0.18mg7.96%
4.9g Cumin Seed0.16mg7.1%
3.6g Coriander Seed0.068mg2.97%
16g Coriander Leaves0.068mg2.96%
0.9g Chili Powder0.015mg0.67%
1.55g Garlic Powder0.015mg0.66%
Find foods rich in Manganese
Molybdenum is an essential trace element that is naturally present in many foods [RDA]
Minμg - Maxμg
Foods contribution to Molybdenum
Amount and nameMolybdenumTarget
Find foods rich in Molybdenum
Minmg - Maxmg
Foods contribution to Phosphorus
Amount and namePhosphorusTarget
192g Red Lentils564mg80.6%
150g Potatoes85.5mg12.2%
156g Frozen Spinach76.4mg11%
160g Onions46.4mg6.63%
128g Carrots44.8mg6.4%
180g Tomatoes43.2mg6.17%
4.9g Cumin Seed24.5mg3.5%
3.6g Coriander Seed14.7mg2.1%
16g Coriander Leaves7.68mg1.1%
1.55g Garlic Powder6.4mg0.92%
1g Ground Turmeric3mg0.43%
0.9g Chili Powder2.7mg0.39%
0.9g Ground Ginger1.5mg0.22%
Find foods rich in Phosphorus
Minmg - Maxmg
Foods contribution to Potassium
Amount and namePotassiumTarget
192g Red Lentils1283mg37.7%
150g Potatoes638mg18.8%
156g Frozen Spinach540mg16%
180g Tomatoes427mg12.5%
128g Carrots410mg12%
160g Onions234mg6.87%
4.9g Cumin Seed87.6mg2.58%
16g Coriander Leaves83.4mg2.45%
3.6g Coriander Seed45.6mg1.34%
1g Ground Turmeric21mg0.61%
1.55g Garlic Powder18.5mg0.54%
0.9g Chili Powder17.6mg0.52%
0.9g Ground Ginger12mg0.35%
Find foods rich in Potassium
Minμg - Maxμg
Foods contribution to Selenium
Amount and nameSeleniumTarget
156g Frozen Spinach9.36μg17%
3.6g Coriander Seed0.94μg1.7%
160g Onions0.8μg1.45%
150g Potatoes0.6μg1.1%
0.9g Ground Ginger0.5μg0.91%
1.55g Garlic Powder0.37μg0.67%
4.9g Cumin Seed0.25μg0.46%
45g Green Hot Chili Peppers0.23μg0.41%
0.9g Chili Powder0.18μg0.33%
16g Coriander Leaves0.14μg0.26%
128g Carrots0.13μg0.23%
1g Ground Turmeric0.062μg0.11%
Find foods rich in Selenium
Minmg - Maxmg
Foods contribution to Sodium
Amount and nameSodiumTarget
0.4g Salt155mg10.3%
156g Frozen Spinach115mg7.7%
128g Carrots88.3mg5.9%
710g Water28.4mg1.9%
0.9g Chili Powder26mg1.72%
192g Red Lentils13.4mg0.9%
150g Potatoes9mg0.6%
180g Tomatoes9mg0.6%
4.9g Cumin Seed8.23mg0.55%
16g Coriander Leaves7.36mg0.49%
160g Onions6.4mg0.43%
3.6g Coriander Seed1.26mg0.084%
1.55g Garlic Powder0.93mg0.062%
Find foods rich in Sodium
Minmg - Maxmg
Foods contribution to Zinc
Amount and nameZincTarget
192g Red Lentils6.9mg63%
156g Frozen Spinach0.87mg7.94%
150g Potatoes0.45mg4.1%
128g Carrots0.31mg2.8%
180g Tomatoes0.31mg2.8%
160g Onions0.27mg2.47%
4.9g Cumin Seed0.24mg2.14%
3.6g Coriander Seed0.17mg1.54%
16g Coriander Leaves0.08mg0.73%
710g Water0.071mg0.65%
1.55g Garlic Powder0.046mg0.42%
1g Ground Turmeric0.045mg0.41%
0.9g Chili Powder0.039mg0.35%
0.9g Ground Ginger0.033mg0.3%
Find foods rich in Zinc
Ming - Maxg
Foods contribution to Water
Amount and nameWaterTarget
710g Water709g19%
180g Tomatoes170g4.6%
160g Onions143g3.85%
156g Frozen Spinach141g3.8%
150g Potatoes119g3.2%
128g Carrots113g3.05%
192g Red Lentils15g0.41%
16g Coriander Leaves14.8g0.4%
Find foods rich in Water