Maitake MushroomsRaw Maitake Mushrooms00.
Enoki MushroomsRaw Enoki MushroomsNA0.
White MushroomsRaw White Mushrooms00.0810.
Oyster MushroomsRaw Oyster Mushrooms20.130.354.961.30.117.0438002900
Shiitake MushroomsRaw Shiitake MushroomsNA0.0150.223.881.50.296.0513NANA18NANA
SpinachRaw Spinach4690.0780.190.720.0650.24.2519402802.03483
Baked Sweet PotatoSweet Potato Baked in skin, flesh only9610.
CarrotsRaw Carrots8350.0660.0580.980.270.142.221905.900.6613
Canned Mashed Sweet PotatoSweet potato, canned, mashed4350.0270.090.960.510.241.971105.201.12.4
Sweet PotatoRaw Sweet Potato7090.0780.0610.560.80.211.751102.400.261.8
Baked Frozen Sweet PotatoBaked Frozen Sweet Potato no Salt10430.0660.0560.560.560.191.562209.100.772.5
Frozen Sweet PotatoFrozen Sweet Potato, Unprepared5180.0670.0510.60.520.181.521013.30NANA
Boiled Sweet Potato no SkinBoiled Sweet Potato without Skin7870.0560.0470.540.580.171.38601300.942.1
CucumberRaw Whole Cucumber50.0270.0330.0980.260.040.96702.800.0316.4
TomatoesRaw Ripe Red Tomatoes420.0370.0190.590.0890.080.4715013.700.547.9
Yellow Sweet PeppersRaw Yellow Sweet Peppers100.0280.0250.890.170.170.462601840NANA
Red Sweet PeppersRaw Red Sweet Peppers1570.0540.0850.980.320.290.4346012801.584.9

Vitamins in Top 20 Vegetables with the highest Vitamin B7 content per 100 g

In the above table you can find and compare the amount of vitamins in all vegetables , sorted by most amount of Vitamin B7 per 100 grams.

Top 5 vegetables with most amount of vitamin b7 per 100 grams are:

  1. Raw Maitake Mushrooms
  2. Raw Brown Mushrooms, Italian, Or Crimini
  3. Raw Enoki Mushrooms
  4. Grilled Portabella Mushrooms
  5. Raw White Mushrooms