Dried SpirulinaDried Spirulina Seaweed292.383.67130.360100525.594
Dried ChivesFreeze-dried Chives34150.91.55.9206600NANA108
Dried PepeaoPepeao, dried00.830.3530.9501.40NANA160
Dried LeeksFreeze-dried Leeks140.
Sun-dried TomatoesTomatoes, sun-dried440.530.499.050.33039.200.014368
Onions FlakesDry Onions Flakes10.50.10.991.607500.183.8166
Green SoybeansRaw Green Soybeans90.440.181.650.0650290NANA165
Sprouted Navy BeansRaw Sprouted Navy Beans00.390.221.220.190190NANA132
Leafy Tips CowpeasRaw Leafy Tips Cowpeas360.350.181.120.180360NANA101
Sprouted SoybeansRaw Sprouted Soybeans10.340.121.150.18015.30NANA172
Dried ShallotsFreeze-dried Shallots10.30.111.6803900.183.9116
Green PeasRaw Green Peas380.
Frozen Green PeasFrozen Green Peas, Unprepared1030.260.11.720.08301800.022853
Sprouted Pinto BeansRaw Sprouted Pinto Beans00.
Sprouted LentilsRaw Sprouted Lentils20.
Enoki MushroomsRaw Enoki MushroomsNA0.
Sprouted PeasRaw Sprouted PeasNA0.
SpirulinaRaw Spirulina Seaweed30.220.341.20.03400.900.492.59
Young Lima BeansRaw Young Lima Beans100.220.11.470.2023.400.325.634
Taro LeavesRaw Taro Leaves2410.210.461.50.1505202.02109126
SuccotashRaw Succotash150.210.0821.60.130150NANA40
White Sweet CornRaw White Sweet Corn00.
GarlicRaw Garlic00.
OkraRaw Okra360.20.0610.2202300.2731.360
Dandelion GreensRaw Dandelion Greens5080.190.260.810.2503503.4477827
Dried Ancho PeppersPeppers, ancho, dried10220.
Dried Pasilla PeppersPeppers, pasilla, dried17880.
Young BroadbeansRaw Young Broadbeans180.
Cooked Broccoli RaabBroccoli raab, cooked2270.170.1420.2203702.5325671
Boiled SuccotashBoiled and Drained Succotash150.170.0961.330.1208.20NANA33
Cooked AsparagusBoiled and Drained Asparagus500.
Broccoli RaabRaw Broccoli Raab1310.
Lotus RootRaw Lotus Root00.
Sweet Potato LeavesRaw Sweet Potato Leaves1890.160.351.130.190110NA302NA
Yellow Sweet CornRaw Yellow Sweet Corn90.160.0551.770.09306.800.070.342
Bamboo ShootsRaw Bamboo Shoots10.
Edible Podded PeasRaw Edible Podded Peas540.
Maitake MushroomsRaw Maitake Mushrooms00.
AsparagusRaw Asparagus380.140.140.980.09105.601.1341.652
Brussels SproutsRaw Brussels Sprouts380.140.090.750.2208500.8817761
In Pod Fava BeansRaw In Pod Fava Beans170.
Potherb JuteRaw Potherb Jute2780.130.551.260.60370NANA123
Boiled OkraBoiled and Drained Okra140.130.0550.870.19016.300.274046
Root WasabiRaw Root Wasabi20.130.110.740.270420NANA18
Chrysanthemum LeavesRaw Chrysanthemum Leaves940.130.140.530.1801.40NANA177
Garland ChrysanthemumRaw Garland Chrysanthemum1160.130.140.530.1801.40NA350177
Oyster MushroomsRaw Oyster Mushrooms20.130.354.960.1100290038
Canned Green PeasCanned Green Peas Solids270.120.0780.730.06409.600.0321.444

Vitamins in Top 100 Vegetables with the highest Thiamine content per 100 g

In the above table you can find and compare the amount of vitamins in all vegetables , sorted by most amount of Thiamine per 100 grams.

Top 5 vegetables with most amount of thiamine per 100 grams are:

  1. Yeast extract spread
  2. Dried Spirulina Seaweed
  3. Freeze-dried Red Sweet Peppers
  4. Dehydrated Mashed Potatoes Flakes
  5. Freeze-dried Chives