Raw AmaranthUncooked Amaranth Grain00.120.20.921.460.59NA8204.201.20
Wheat BagelsBagels, wheat00.40.213.370.380.15NA760000.321.5
Whole Grain BagelsWhole Grain White Bagels00.70.44.65NA0.15NA1400000.240.5
Barley flourBarley flour or meal00.370.
Pearled BarleyCooked Pearled Barley00.0830.0622.060.140.12NA160000.010.8
Black Turtle BeansRaw Black Turtle Beans00.90.191.960.90.29NA4440000.215.6
Black BeansRaw Black Beans00.90.191.960.90.29NA4440000.215.6
Cranberry BeansRaw Cranberry Beans00.750.211.460.750.31NA604000NANA
French BeansRaw French Beans00.540.222.10.790.4NA39904.60NANA
Great Northern BeansRaw Great Northern Beans00.650.241.961.10.45NA48205.300.226
Boiled Kidney BeansBoiled All Types Kidney Beans00.160.0580.580.220.12NA13001.200.038.4
Kidney BeansRaw All Types Kidney Beans00.530.222.060.780.4NA39404.500.2219
Sprouted Kidney BeansRaw Sprouted Kidney Beans00.370.252.920.370.085NA59038.70NANA
Red Kidney BeansRaw Red Kidney Beans00.610.222.10.780.4NA39404.500.215.6
Canned Navy BeansBeans, navy, mature seeds, canned00.140.0550.490.170.1NA6200.700.782.9
Navy BeansRaw Navy Beans00.780.162.20.740.43NA3640NA00.022.5
Sprouted Navy BeansRaw Sprouted Navy Beans00.390.221.220.830.19NA1320190NANA
Pink BeansRaw Pink Beans00.770.191.910.53NA4630000.215.7
Pinto BeansRaw Pinto Beans00.710.211.170.790.47NA52506.300.215.6
Sprouted Pinto BeansRaw Sprouted Pinto Beans00.
Small White BeansRaw Small White Beans00.740.211.340.730.44NA386000NANA
Canned White BeansBeans, white, mature seeds, canned00.0960.0370.110.190.075NA650000.792.9
White BeansRaw White Beans00.440.150.480.730.32NA3880000.215.6
Chocolate SyrupBeverages, chocolate syrup00.0090.050.320.0130.006NA200.200.020.5
Instant CoffeeRegular Instant Coffee Powder00.0080.074280.0970.029NA000001.9

Vitamins in Top 100 Vegan Food with the lowest Vitamin A content per 100 g

In the above table you can find and compare the amount of vitamins in all vegan food , sorted by least amount of Vitamin A per 100 grams.

Top 5 vegan food with least amount of vitamin a per 100 grams are:

  1. Uncooked Amaranth Grain
  2. Bottled Apple Juice
  3. Raw Sulfured Dried Apples
  4. Wheat Bagels
  5. Whole Grain White Bagels